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I was browsing through vingle and found this. I hate how people have been treating BTS over the years. first it was rap monster and now people are going for Jhope like back off. I would like to see you working as hard as he is and to still be smiling like he doesn't have a care in the world. I couldn't even imagine BTS without him. they've constantly said that Jhope brings them up when their feeling down and they go to him for support. as I was researching more on this, I found out that there was also another hashtag people were sending out which was #KickJinOutHeHasDownSyndrom and honestly, this disgusts me. people were using this against both Jin and Rap Monster because they think they both have Down syndrome. I don't know why people would make up these horrible rumors about idols. the only thing keeping my hope up in this world is that Army is retaliating. they are fighting back for Jhope, Jin, and Rap Monster and it's been working. the hashtag has stopped trending but we know that they will try to come back. BTS has also been showing their support for Jhope. Jimin posted this. Rap Monster posted this I'm glad people are taking action to try and fix this problem before it spiraled out of control.
if you can't accept the group then don't. there shouldn't be an ultimatum. AND JHOPE IS SEXY AS HELL AND HIS RAPPING IS ON POINT. we need him. We want him. He worked hard
they wouldn't be the BTS we know and love WITHOUT EVERY SINGLE MEMBER!! They all work so hard just to make every single ARMY all over the world happy thru their music. BTS needs every single member, and those that hate on any of them are NOT ARMYs
#DON'TTREATOURHOPELIKETHAT #LOVEOURHOPE #DON'Tkickourhopeout 馃挌馃挌馃挌馃挌馃挌馃挌馃挌馃挌 If anyone treat any members like they should leave the fandom IMMEDIATELY!!
@CosmicCassidy look at this shit. disgusting people
The group would actually just crumble without him. I'll fight anyone who opposes.
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