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Hello everyone it's time for the next prompt of the giveaway!
This time I want you to tell me who your favorite character from the Edolas Arc is! The character must be from the Edolas universe and let's try not to get too many Mystogans. Lol
To enter the contest you have to 1. Be part of the Fairy Tail community The point of this contest is to get more people in the community and hopefully make some new friends! 2. Complete every contest card. There will be cards with questions that you must answer with your own card posted to the Fairy Tail community. They must have the {FTG} label in the title and at least one picture. Don't forget to tag me or my staff in your cards so we can find them! The Titania: @AimeBolanos The Salamander: @tylor619cruz The Rookie: @hikaymm
My choice is Erza Knightwalker! I love seeing evil counter parts of characters to see how they could have turned out. Having one of the strongest mages become the Fairy Hunter was a great idea and a great dynamic! Plus we got to see two Erzas cat fight and that was somethin else. Haha
For the original giveaway card you can go here: For yesterday's prompt you can go here: Tagging most participants! If I didn't tag you and you've been entering let me know and I'll add you to the list! @SAMURXAI @TBird @HarukaKaneko @assasingod @OtakuDemon10 @JessicaFerrier @JohnMcCullough @gabemartin @ReinShirai @PASCUASIO @stupidgajeel @qveenknip @TaehyungV Have a great day everyone!
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I just don't get why Netflix streams fine but Kissanime wont.
we pay like 100 a month for internet but my grandma buys a $20 thing and that's all u have to pay and kiss works perfectly there
@TBird that makes no sense. idk man. that's shitty.
yea welp be back in 6years have to do my essays
@TBird best of luck man