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Results are here, guys!~!!

Making these made me realize how long it's been since I read a romance novel so I apologize in advance if they aren't as fluffy as you'd like them to be... (*ノ∀`*) Also, the resolution was wonky for some of the pics... Nonetheless, I do hope you enjoy! ① find your name (if you don't remember what you picked) ② swipe right for your result! (: New? Catch up! WWYFF? BTS pt.1 || results WWYFF? BTS pt.2 || results WWYFF? BTS pt.3 || results



Hope you enjoyed them a little~ ♡ Pt.2 might come out in a couple of days but finals are coming D:


Stay tuned - pt.2 will come out some time unless otherwise stated • Ask to be tagged in future cards, if you'd like
I am ridiculously happy with Namjoon giving me stars. ★★♥
My bias wrecker, Yoongi!
YAAASSS XD I said 2 and 7 (2 - My bias, 7 - My wrecker) And I mentioned 1 which is my 3rd, Hobi xD
I got my bias Jhope yay1
I got Suga
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