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VKOOK FANFIC: Janitors Closet

Introduction: Everyone left the building except for Jungkook and Taehyung who in this case are stuck in a janitor's closet. Oh Taehyung is a neko!
"I can't believe you locked us in here!" Jungkook said to Taehyung with a bit of irritation in his voice. "Well how was I suppose to know this would happen!"
Jungkook and Taehyung have been stuck in the janitor's closet for like an hour and by now they gave up on trying to get help. "Ugh this is not a good day for me!" jungkook sighed. "Well your not the only who having a bad day!" Taehyung pouted. "Well what happened to you?" asked jungkook.
"Ugh today jimin kept teasing me and kept pulling my hair!" taehyung said angrily but had a cute little pout to it. "He said I had a small dick!" taehyung whined. (lol I died when I was writing this ! Anyways back to the story) "And how does he know?" jungkook asked. "I don't know!" Taehyung said looking around nervously.
Taehyung kept moving around the janitor's closet and it was really getting on Jungkook's nerves. "Stop Moving Around!" he exclaimed. "You're the one who won't stay still!" taehyung growled in annoyance as he tried to shift in the small place he was stuck in, it had a dimmed light and he felt cramped inside the closet he and jungkook were hiding in.
"You just had to get us locked in!" jungkoook mumbled to himself. He was trying to find another way out but accidently stepped on taehyung's foot, taehyung yelped in pain then glared at the other in the dimmed area.
"Stop moving too much! Dummy!"
"Oh I'm the dummy? Am I the one that locked us in a Janitor's closet that locks from the outside?" Jungkook pointed out and taehyung blinked at him before relizing that he was right.
"Tch, well your the one who dragged me with you so the teacher wouldn't find out that you were skipping class!" (jungkook)
"I didn't want to explain why I was late to class and tell them that my mother was here to give me a pair of clothing cause I spilled water on my pants! You know how embarrassing that is and other people would think that I peed on myself!"(taehyung)
"If you weren't playing with your water bottle then this woundn't have happened!" (Jungkook)
"SHUT UP! Stop being to loud your hurting my ears! Or the principle would hear you then were both dead meat!" Taehyung then whispered.
"Why does that matter, aren't we trying to get someone so we can get out of this janitors ---- oh wait I forgot were in a janitor's closet ugh that leads to trouble! UGH!"
Taehyung hissed then shifted again so he could move in front of the door. It's been over a good hour now, and he's sure that at least the janitor would come to open the door. Then again the janitor could have left and gone home.
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Hope you like it and no this is not over ! Prepare you bucket of holy water cause your gonna need it!
haha pure evil @MaricelvaRomero Tae having a small dick according to Jimin,loving the story already
Pls tag me in more of these . Can't wait to see what happens next
ooooo more soon I'm so excited to know what is going to happen
Plz tag me?
please tag meee
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