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Your twenties are the most confusing times of your life. You are constantly stuck in a battle of trying to make your own path, while everyone else shouts at you to follow to same road to success. It creates not only a lot of stress, but a ton of self doubt. You are trying to become the person you are meant to be; the person you want to be, so during this time there are 6 affirmations you must always keep in mind.
The only way to become successful is to always know you are worthy of success. No matter what you. Every day there are chances for success and happiness, let them take you and see where you end up. You deserve it.
It is very easy, especially in your twenties, when we are all still so selfish and absorbed with how our life is going to end up, to remember that every hardship and struggle and mistake will not make or break us. These times will only help shape us into a better person and in a year, these trying times will never ever seem as bad.
This might be my favorite affirmation to remember. Your peak has yet to come. There is always something better and something brighter laying just ahead of you. Don't look to the past for something that shines so much duller.
The key to success is never confusing what you want with what you need. You have what you need to get what you want. Remember that and you will get what you want.
Every single change, every single transformation will only begin with you. When you are ready to make the change, get over your fears, and just do it, that's when things will start going your way.
And was always, remember that even things that seem so important will come and go. Don't get hung up on things that won't matter.