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chapter 12 : Step 10

lexi Marie’s pov

It's time. Tonight I'll give it my all so I can get a good score and leave this place. Apparently I'm going second to last then Jin, Jhope, Rap Mon, Jungkook, V, Jimin and Suga will go. Tiffany wanted me to do 'Falling In Love' with her along with other girls but I refused since I needed to do this solo for it to count. I was extremely nervous, I've never sang in front of anyone before not played the piano. My parents don't even know I can sing, my dad thinks I just have the instruments there as decoration but no, I do know how to play. When I knew he was interested in music and built the music room I grew fond of being there, especially when they'd practice. Watching him do his thing made me feel like I could do it too. In a sense he was like my inspiration.
"Ms. Tipton, you're up in 5, they're setting up your background and piano at the moment."
Already? My heart was beating fast. I don't think I can do this...
Jin: There you are.
Jungkook: We came to wish you good luck.
V: Uwa! You look beautiful.
"Thank you." I slightly smiled.
RM: You look like an angel.
"Aww. Thanks"
Jimin: Here, let me fix your mic.
He adjusted it and smiled.
J-Hope: You'll do great. Plus we'll be there cheering you on. We made a sign keke.
"Hehe. Thanks J. I appreciate it"
They hugged me.
"Ms. Tipton. We're ready now."
I took a deep breath. The boys smiled at me and wished me luck before leaving to take their seats. My heart felt as if it were about to explode. I'm so nervous. I looked in the mirror one more time, my hair looked good. The white dress Stella had picked out was cute, not too short and very Lolita. Everything about my look was on point. Now to go out there and make a big impression.
"Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Tipton."
I walked out on stage. Spot light on me. I bowed and saw him staring at me. His eyes followed me to the piano. I sat down and began playing the Melody. Everyone seemed to be impressed because I heard whispers and slight gasps. It's time for the singing part, you can do this Lexi. I got up from the piano and the music began. I sang IU's 'Morning Tears' (Note: I really love that song lol so if you haven't listened to it. Go and do it! Haha. The lyrics are great and her voice is great. I love it.)
"Wake up, my morning tears
I open my eyes in a hurry, today I shall cry again
For my tears are always sleepier than I
they'll only get up if I wake them diligently
*Though I cry over a dozen times a day, though I fuss like a child
Though I calm myself by stroking my hair, I know you won't be coming back
Today, tomorrow, and even the next day, though I am hurting so much because of you
Don't be sorry, it's all right because I still love you
That day, the day you left me
That day, and even now, the rain is still falling
Now I can no longer laugh
Even if I try to laugh, the rain covers my mouth
Though I cry over a dozen times a day, though I fuss like a child
Though I calm myself by stroking my hair, I know you won't be coming back
Today, tomorrow, and even the next day, though I am hurting so much because of you
Don't be sorry, it's all right because I still love you..."
As I sang this song, I tried to keep my composure...he was looking at me and this song was for him. At the moment our eyes met and I continued singing I felt my heart heavy and a knot was beginning to form in my throat. I needed to look away from him at least until I finished this last part. When I began the very last verse I looked back at him, his eyes filled with regret and his expression full of sorrow.
"That's right, I will wait a little longer, I won't forget till then
When I miss you, I will close my eyes, it's enough for me to meet you in my memories
I know that we have already parted, but I will pretend to be unaware
Because if I believe that we're broken up, that's when we'll truly have parted....."
Tears escaped through my eyes and ran down my cheeks. The spot light turned off and applause followed. It seemed like my performance touched the audience...but it also touched me. It made me realize that no matter how much I tried I'd never be able to get over him because every time I close my eyes it's him I see. I wiped my eyes and the spot light came back on. Roses were being thrown on stage.
"Ms. Tipton, that was such a wonderful and moving performance. It had most of the audience in tears. It was so moving and the way you sang it, so beautifully and with such emotion! I could feel what you felt, it was great. It was by far the best performance I've seen so far"
I slightly smiled. "Thank you. I'm so glad I was able to connect with my audience despite the fact that most of them are students here and also some parents or relatives have come to watch this, thank you so much. It was such an honor to sing for you all"
They clapped and cheered. I felt like I was going to cry again so I bowed and walked off stage. I took a deep breath. This is harder than I thought, keeping myself composed was tough but I did it. The hard part is over. I fixed my makeup and headed to the front row. It's time for the boys to perform, I wonder what they have in store.
The curtains closed and you could hear the movement of the staff setting up. I drank some water and waited anxiously. It's been a while since I heard his voice...I loved when he sang to himself, especially when he raps. There's something about him when he's doing his thing that really makes him dreamy and just so irresistible. My head tells me to let go and forget...but my heart tells me to hold on. The curtain came up and a song began, the girls were getting all wild up with the sounds of their voices. The spot lights came on and there they were sitting in chairs. They sounded so amazing, I felt my heart flutter, Suga began first. (Note: Play 'Just One Day' Imagine the performance on stage~ Ohh the utter perfection of this song is enough to melt you and then some haha. Suga's part is my FAVORITE part. One of my fav BTS songs, I'm so glad they picked it from the album I was beyond stoked when I saw they were making an MV for it lol but anyway, Play it and imagine it~ Haruman~)


There was only one thing on my mind was her. I needed for her to understand that she's everything to me. Just one day with her makes a difference and makes me want to be with she more. When she sang her song I could feel the sorrow, the way she sang it with such feeling and such passion, when our eyes met it was like no one else existed. She was singing to me. That song was for me but I never thought I had caused her so much pain...All I could do was perform this song and hope she'd stay with me. I wanted her to get this message since I couldn't tell her before, I want her to know now. This song was almost finished and she seemed happy. It was like we were us again. She liked the song.
RM: Can you please stay with me?
The girls cheered and screamed but only one girl was in my sight...Marie. She faintly smiled at me and joined the rest of the audience in applause. Although she had liked the song it didn't seem like she was going to stay. But there's got to be a way...I have to convince her to stay.
I grabbed the microphone.
"Wait. I'm not done."
Everyone became quiet. The guys looked at me.
"I have one more song..." I looked at the guys. "I wasn't planning on doing this."
I looked back at the audience. Marie was making her way to the door.
"Marie! Wait! Please, stay a few seconds longer."
She stopped and she turned around. A spot light lit in her direction.
"I'm not a singer, I've never actually sang a song….. because I'm a rapper but…....I'll do it for you"
(Idk if you guys know who Kim Hyun Sik is but Suga actually sang a fragment of 'My Love. By my side.' In acapella and yeah. It's actually a really cute song so just picture that song kay? Haha)
Jimin: You're not going to actually do it right?
I cleared my throat and began to sing the song.
Everyone around thought it sounded a bit funny since I was singing it without music in the background plus. I'm not meant for singing, I'm a rapper after all. But I didn't care if everyone laughed hysterically. I just wanted her to know how much she meant to me. That without her I won't be able to live my life.
Once I was done singing horribly, I handed the microphone to the person nearest me and got off the stage to go to her. She was standing there wanting to laugh at my ridiculous act but at the same time trying to hold back since she was still with the thought that I had hurt her.
"Marie..." I held her hands.
"Yes?" She looked up at me.
"Stay. I promise that things will be different..." I looked into her eyes.
The spot light was still on us.
Everyone was silent for a moment. A smile began to form on her face but then someone spoke up.
"This is such crap! She probably paid him to do it!"
"Suga how much is she paying you this time?"
"Nah, Suga did it cuz he loves to see her get humiliated! She almost believed him! Good one bro!"
Crowd: YEAH!
They began to laugh and yell things at her. Very cruel things. Even though she had threatened them, they still insisted.
Her forming smile faded in an instant. She pulled away from me.
"Seriously, don't you get tired of doing this? Once wasn't enough?"
"No. Marie…..I-"
"Just leave me alone." She quickly made her exit.
I sighed. She's gone. Just when I thought I had her, she slipped away. My only chance had been crushed.

lexi Marie’s pov

"Winston, did they give you my grade yet? It's been over 4 days, have they said nothing?" I asked.
Winston: Yes. You got an excellent grade and you may transfer.
"Good. Please tell Diane to pack my things immediately and you handle the paper work. I'll be sure to notify father and mother about moving schools." I said.
Stella: But Ms. Tipton, you need to sign a few papers at school.
"Hmph. Winston, handle it." I ordered.
Winston: Right away madam. Although Stella has a point, would you like to accompany just in case?
I sighed. "Very well. I'll stay in the limo and if you need something then call."
Winston: As you wish.
"Stella, help Diane."
Stella: Yes heiress of course.
I went with Winston back to that hell hole. Ever since the talent show I haven't spoken to any of the guys nor Tiffany. I decided it was better if they didn't know when I was going to leave. I took a deep breath. What's taking Winston so long? I looked at my cellphone.


Winston turned around and smiled at me. He's like the coolest butler ever, I missed him.
"Ah Master Suga. How are you? It's been so long."
"I could be better...Listen, I'm sorry to be so blunt but is Marie with you?" I asked.
She's all I can think of.
He sighed. "Young lord, I'm not supposed to tell you"
My hopes of knowing were crushed. I wonder if she already left.
"She's still here if that's what you're wondering sire."
My eyes lit up and I felt hope again. "Is she with you then?"
He nodded.
"Where?" I asked.
"I'm afraid that's something I cannot share. Master Suga, please stop her from doing this. She's not happy, she's afraid and alone. I don't think I've ever seen her so devastated in her entire life. She truly thinks she's hated and unwanted."
"But how? She doesn't want to see me. I'm not even aloud at the mansion, plus there's no way she'd give me time to say what I feel. She's already said that she hates me."
"Ah but she doesn't. On the contrary, she hums the song you sang with your peers on stage. When she brushes her hair she'll hum that tune and smile to herself but once she realizes what she's about to do she gets upset. Master with all do respect, she's on love with you but she's afraid. She's afraid that you'll hurt her again."
Hurt her again. Those words stung, I had hurt her without knowing then once I knew I hurt my own self. Two broken beings and one guilty conscience. I just don't know what to do.
" have to help me. There has to be a way to get her back..." I said.
Winston thought for a second and an idea popped into his head. "Aha! I know exactly what to do Master Suga. Listen closely and more importantly be willing to put everything aside in order to do this."
I nodded. "I'm willing to do anything. Please, tell me what's on your mind"
He whispered it into my ear. Every thing down to the last detail, it seems a bit crazy and naive but that's what love is. It's spontaneous. Marie will know what she means to me, she'll know I'm willing to take the extra mile for her but more importantly she'll know that my love for her has no limits. This is it, the moment of truth, the last possible thing I can do to get her back. I smiled imagining how happy she'd be when she sees just how much I care.
"Does that sound like a good plan my lord?"
I hugged Winston. "Thank you so much!"
He chuckled. "I've always liked you Master Suga, you've taught lady Tipton so much and have made her into an understanding young lady with good morals who views things much more differently. For that I thank you, this is the only way I could ever repay you" he said.
I felt satisfied and also very accomplished. Marie was such a pain in the ass, I swear I couldn't stand her but after knowing her vulnerable and delicate side I came to realize that she was what I wanted most.

>>>>>>>>>>>To Be Continued......

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