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I have four Favorite Edolas Characters xD mainly because I love their personalities and because even tho they are different I still ship these characters together even if they are completely different to their Earthland counterparts!

(Spoilers may be ahead for those who haven't seen the Edolas Arc yet!)


To enter the contest you have to 1. Be part of the Fairy Tail community The point of this contest is to get more people in the community and hopefully make some new friends! 2. Complete every contest card. There will be cards with questions that you must answer with your own card posted to the Fairy Tail community. They must have the {FTG} label in the title and at least one picture. Also dont forget to tag our Fairy Tail Mod: @Thatperson512 or the Mod Support team: The Titania @Aimebolanos (me) The Salamander @tylor619cruz and The Rookie @hikaymm

So Let's Get Started!

Edolas Natsu & Edolas Lucy!

Edolas Lucy is the best! She's the main badass in the guild and has the toughest attitude in the guild. I love how much she cares for Edolas Natsu and how they are besties as how Natsu and Kucy are in Earthland. Edolas Natsu also blew me away! Badass when it comes to driving and super cool and doesn't get motion sickness! Just one little flaw.... Natsu is a baby when it comes to not driving and Edolas Lucy xD! Natsu may be a lil cry baby sometimes but when he is needed he will always be there just like Natsu from Earthland. I ship these two together just like I ship Earthland NaLu❤
Edolas Gray & Edolas Juvia! Just Like Edolas NaLu I ship Edolas Gruvia sooo much! I absolutely love these too soo much! They are the complete opposite of Earthland Juvia and Gray and that's what I love so much about! Juvia doesn't swoon over Gray so much and completely blows Gray off from time to time! Gray isn't a Stripper! If anything he wears too much clothes to the point where he looks fat ) : (xD) But I love the difference in them and makes me ship them even more!
@OtakuDemon10 Ahh Yes! We need an OVA asap!🙌😆
@AimeBolanos I think Edo-Gray's excess clothes might be a bit of a turnoff for Juvia, too. If we got to see the 4 of them together though!
@OtakuDemon10 Omg I know! They probably would've been happy but in the end I think they would stay with the one they love because they fell in love with their Gray and their Juvia😆💙 Still would be super cute and funny!
I would have loved to see an exchange between Earthland Juvia and Edolas Gray so much!
@AimeBolanos @BlackoutZJ WOOOOOO!!!! I CLAIM FAVORITE!
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