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Natsu Dragion is like the cutest! Although he is quite...um...weird, he is very different from the not Edolas Natsu, which I like. It's as if not Natsu and Lucy changed personalities, with a few differences. Anyways, I like Edolas Natsu because he's cute and kind of bipolar, but fun to watch! I love how shy he acts and then on wheel, he acts like a boss, like wow! Anyways, yep, I like Natsu Dragion!
I hope this one was alright! But anyways, I love Lily Panther! HE'S MY FAVORITE EXCEED AND I FIND HIM THE CUTEST!!!! I love how he can turn big and fight very well when they leave Edolas! I love how Gajeel is attached to him and how he wanted a (in his words) "cat" so bad! It was just so cute!!! Anyways, I'm glad Gajeel got such a cute exceed!! I love Lily Panther so much, because he's just the cutest in his little form and all!!
Of course if I love Erza Scarlet, I gotta love Erza Knightwalker, which I do!!! I love her a lot, and I love how I got to see how Erza Scarlet would look like with short hair!! Anyways, I just think that she is strong, just like Erza Scarlet and I like the fact that she is a bad guy, unlike Erza Scarlet, so yeah! I also loved the fight between both Erza's! Their both amazing Erza's!!


Edolas is their complete oppisite's
@Stevenb1990 Yes, I know. But Erza Scarlet and Erza Knightwalker kind of act the same, TBH.