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Introduction: Everyone left the building except for Jungkook and Taehyung who in this case are stuck in a janitor's closet. Oh Taehyung is a neko!
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Get your holy water your gonna need it!!
Bolded words means the author speaking which is me! Sorry again!
"Would you stop moving!" Jungkook growled in annoyance and reached out to grab taehyung but unfortunately grabbed the neko's tail instead by accident.
"Kyahhh!! What the hell! Let go of that!"
Taehyung said in a shocked tone as he looked over his shoulder at jungkook. Jungkook simply blinked in confusion then looked down at the tail in his hand before smirking and giving it another squeeze. "Stop! I said let go!" taehyung turned around as best as he could in the closet and attempted to punch the other in the face but missed when jungkook tugged at his tail again.
"Hmm didn't know neko's tails was this sensitive...... huh I think we should use you when the teacher teaches us about nekos" Jungkook chuckled as he looked at taehyung. Cocking his head a little when taehyung didn't respond from where he was leaning forward on the closet door.
"Hey.... taehyung? Taehyung?" (Really jungkook? Use your head for once? Now it's your fault he's like this? well back to the story)
Jungkoook suddenly stiffened and his eyes went wide as he felt taehyung's body back up on him. Taehyung shivered slightly and look over his shoulder a bit, his face reddened at the cheeks, and his eyes half lidded. Jungkook swallowed nervously as e looked at the brunette's expression. "What the fuck you starring at?!" (well of couse, he's looking at you taehyung who else?) taehyung asked as he glared at jungkook. "Let go of my tail already..." his voice was low and a bit shaken as he panted lightly.
Jungkook starred back in awe, he could literally feel the heat radiating off the other male in front of him. "Hey....... do you have a fever or something?" (ugh! really ? are you really asking that question? He's obliviously in heat!) Taehyung blinked then scowled. "Why the hell would I?" he snapped and tried to move away but couldn't in such small space.
"Cause your really hot" Jungkook replied, his hand holding the male's tail still, he could feel the heat running into his hand from it. His other free hand moved to touch taehyung's back, causing taehyung to stiffen. "Your whole body is getting hot..... and your giving off some kind of weird smell too.." well jungkook did liked this new scent to be honest.
"Stop touching me!" Taehyung said in rage, his tail twitching in jungkook's hand which caused jungkook to squeeze it again.
"Ahh!" Taehyung suddenly moaned but quickly covered his mouth and looked at jungkook with wide eyes. Jungkook was also returning the same expression at the sound that taehyung just made. "S-stop looking at me! Your weirding me out"taehyung said behind his hands as jungkook continued to stare, his mind slowly trying to process what he just heard and seen.
"Hey taehyung"
"What now!"
"Are you turned on whenever I do this?" he pulled on the neko's tail again which gave off another moan from taehyung making him shiver again, laying back on jungkook as he stood behind him. Taehyung squirmed a bit then gasped, looking over his shoulder.
"Are you HARD!"
OHHH!!! This is getting good!! Did jungkook get hard or not!!! (well duh that's a really obvious question) I'll post the next chapter so don't worry!!
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