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Monsta X Week: Favorite MV

IT'S MONSTA X WEEK! Today is favorite MV, but just like biases, you can't pick just one! I broke the rules a little, and have my top 4, which are more or less all ranked similarly!


Because I'm really indecisive, I have both versions of Hero up. The actual MV and the Dance ver. I really like the choreography and feel to this song, and the boys killed it!


I love this clip so much! Not only are they the cutest things ever, but the song is really relaxing to listen to as well!


This took my heart away too! Everything these boys do is so cute!
Those are my top 4 songs! Make a card about your favorite song and tag us in it!
The dance version of Hero is my favorite.
@MelissaGarza Me too! It's so great!! 😁
@swarriet16 hero is my favorite. Its the video that got me hook on Monsta X ☺
@JaxomB I love it too cause their moves are so powerful and their choreography is really on point!
that's my favorite too 😊
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