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Kelly is back in the building.

After a very public feud between cohosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on 'Live', Ripa is back and she had a few words to address days of public speculation. Strahan blindsided Ripa by taking a job offer at Good Morning America leading Ripa to take time off from the show in complete frustration. Stories of the rocky work relationship have been exposed, Strahan has ultimately been vilified, and many believe Ripa was being a complete diva as she makes over $20M a year.
Though Ripa said she is "thrilled" for Strahan, the tension still remained. From walking in with held hands to the very well crafted teleprompter speech, it was very obvious that it was all for professionalism. But even with a united front, reports hit the newsstands today that Strahan will actually be leaving 'Live' May 13, weeks before he was supposed to. For now, fans will have to watch the fake smiles and awkward interactions until he is replaced.
But the question still remains, was Ripa's opening speech sincere?