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Ok sorry for the long wait you guys. School has been a butthole to me. But I finally have time to upload Day 3 results. I didn't write a scenario because honestly I was kind of tired lol sorry. Maybe I'll do one next time. I'll let you guys know. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this. Like I said, one was very unique(in my opinon )

Sunset #1

He proposed to you at the beach. It was so special and you could tell he had put some effort in making things romantic. As he pulled out the ring, He talked about how much he loved you and how he couldn't bare to be without you. You immediately started crying tears of joy and said yes before he even finished his speech. He smiled and slip the ring on as you both kissed the night away.

Sunset #2

He proposed to you at a restaurant. I know what you're thinking, that's not special at all. Just wait. He bought you all of your favorite food and you soon grew suspicious, you thought he was hiding something so you kept your guard up. When desert came he stood up suddenly and tapped his glass and surprisingly everyone got quiet. He looked at you and started to say how much better you have made his life and then he started singing your favorite song. He got on his knee, took the ring out his pocket and asked the question "Will you marry me?" By this time you were in tears and you croaked out a yes. No one had ever done this for you, he really is the one you thought to yourself as you kissed him.

Sunset #3{Special}

You was excited that you was finally going to see him perform with his group Monsta X. You had gotten first row seats thanks to the group. Before going backstage he mentioned something about a surprise but you didn't think too much about it. The concert started and you enjoyed watching your lover performed on stage. At the end of the concert while they were talking on stage. Your lover started motioning for you to come to the stage. You were reluctant but decided to go up there. When you got up there you could feel everyone's eyes on you. You stared at him as he smiled at you. Suddenly he got on one knee and told you in front of everybody how much he loved you and cared for you and how he couldn't imagine his life without you by his side. He pulled a ring out of his pants and put it on your finger. You didn't have to say yes, your tears and big smile said it all. The rest of the members and the crowd clapped while you two kissed right there on the stage.
I hope you enjoyed Day 3!! Day 4 will be uploaded tomorrow partially because I'm really tired xD. See ya guys in the next Day!
I got the special ending💑
Aww I got the special ending! It's so cute!! 💖
awww so cute !
Ahh! That is too cute!!! 😝 I am seriously smiling right now and I cannot stop! My hearteu! 😍
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