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Many people. Little resources.

With approximately 7 billion people living on the planet today, many are starting to wonder when the population will be too much for our resources. Humans need a lot of food and a lot of water to survive but we only have so much fresh water and farm land to sustain our growing bodies. We are a demanding species who is very picky and very set in our ways. We know there's a problem but we do very little to do anything about it. By 2100, there is supposed to be 10 billion people but the question is...will humans be able to live with the same living standards as today? Probably not.
Check out this video by Life Noggin that gives you the stats!
Economics are part of the Veil (i.e. "not real") It is a form of logistical statistics that have been divorced from the environment in order to insulate nature from the harms most humans would inflict on it. We have all the willpower in the cosmos, what we don't have is cohesion of reason & purpose (which is what happens when you use try to steer this many egos in this many directions - it may be efficient at keeping us busy; but just not efficient at acheiving milestones w/o arguing over who "possesses"/controls the successes...)
We could care for all human beings now, our limitations are economic mostly Distribution would hamper us at first, but again, could be solved with willpower and incentive Something we are sorely lacking at the moment
...also, there are several cures for overpopulation, all of which stimulate the economy immensely...
Not w/o a major infrastructure redesign...