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MAMORY MAKE MAGIC! Magic used by: Rufus Lore his type of magic is so AMAZING (for me) Being able to memories EVER spell, move, heart beat, smell, WHATEVER is sooo cool!
I'll be honest, once I was thinking to myself "wouldn't it be cool to be able to memories every spell and make new spells?" THEN I saw the magic games. When this guy came out I thought was like, *GASP* HIRO THOUGHT OF IT AS WELL?!?!?!?! Just when you try to be original but the you find out someone thought of it before you *sigh*. Oh well! This Rufus is awesome along with his magic! \( ̄▽ ̄;)/
@SAMURXAI Yeah, the only time we see his magic is in the magic games. Still I think it's amazing. I hope to see more of his magic in the future.
Yeah I haven't seen him or the magic in action but I read about it and I like it a lot in my top tier faves