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I suck at making cards consistently but I'm going to try and do this for the whole thing! I had to go through and rewatch all of their MV's because they are all so good and it's so hard to decide. In the end it's a tie for me between Amen and Perfect Girl.
I love this video because you get to see each member throughout the whole thing. I totally watched this like 15 times, 7 times watching each member and then a few more because it's just too cute! Like I.M. acting like a cat for half the video is just the greatest!
Boys being cute and dorky just gets me everytime! This was the first MV of theirs that I watched and I watched it so many times trying to figure out who was who. This is also one of my favorite songs in general of theirs. It was definitely on repeat for a good couple weeks after I found it.
Also honorable mention to the Hero MV because them abs tho! @kpopandkimchi @swarrier16 @JohnEvans
seriously every time i see a post about perfect girl i have to watch it. every time.
Great choices! Them abs are life 😂😂