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I'm not really into alcohol...

It makes me REALLY sleepy really fast so if I'm out having fun with my friends its better if I just have fun without any drinks in my system. That being said, I HAVE had soju and I can tell you...the flavor matters a LOT.

소주 = soju

This is your normal soju.

It tastes like straight alcohol, like you know it can't be good for you. It burns a little on the way down, but in some strange way you get used to it?

This is yogurt soju.

This was the first flavored soju I was told I HAD to try. My friends all said it was really sweet and actually yummy compared to normal soju. I still haven't tried it though! It's actually soju + yogurt + sprite + lemon!

This is the BEST soju...grapefruit.

This seriously just tastes like grapefruit juice which I LOVE. It's totally artificial and sugary but you don't drink soju for the health value lol.

자몽소주 (ja-mong so-ju, grapefruit soju)

Here are some others!

Strangely Korea, "cute" and "sexy" girls are used to advertise alcohol instead of masculine men like in the States.

Have any of you tried soju? What did you think?

Peach has a really sweet mild flavor but u guys have to be aware cuz ull never know much u drank cuz its so good n itll kick ur ass afterwards..means itll make u drunk unconsciously . pomegranate tastes like cough syrup for kids,citrus n grapefruit has some bitter taste after u drank it,blueberry is ok..peach oh men it is just so good.
tried it for the first time during my B.A.P chicago weekend. it was the 'BLUE' soju pictured above. I LIKED IT!!
I have had straight soju often and then was taught to squeeze a lemon in it. I've had a soju and champagne drink that was good too. ima try the yogurt one though XD
@MirandaKawahara. remember when we tried it for the first time ever. 😍😍😍
I always thought when I tried it one day that it might actually taste good, but this has kinda ruined that thought for me xD I hate the taste of alcohol and really if I ever drink in the future it's purely going to be for taste and not to just drink, so I hope some of these will taste good with little alcohol taste lol
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