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I know I'm late and I seriously do apologize. I will present no excuse, instead I will continue with the card.
I thought long and hard about this because its honestly really hard for me to think about an awesome non Fairy Tail guild member that can be considered a favorite character for me. However I have decided!
Sherria Blendy is a member of Lamia Scale and is also Wendy's "Sky Sister." Sherria gives her all no matter what and has bright and bubbly personality...kinda like me lol ๐Ÿ˜….
Sherria also has sky magic similarly to Wendy Marvell. In fact the two went head to head later on in the series!
@SAMURXAI cutest. battle. ever.
I just got to the Grand Magic Games arc so I haven't met her yet but i hear she's a sweetie and adorable to boot
Hey, no worries about delays! Great choice; she was one of my honorable mentions!