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GDC: Riot Experimentally Investigates Online Toxicity

http://gamasutra.com/blogs/JimCummings/20130331/189629/GDC_Riot_Experimentally_Investigates_Online_Toxicity.php I'm sure every gamers encountered "toxic" behavior when playing with others online. This could leave terrible impression on a particular gaming community, draining the joys of playing and resulting in loss of interest on the game itself, as I have with LoL. Above is an article about Riot's attempt to curb toxic behavior in LoL, played by 12 million people each day. For this research, Riot employed professionals from various psychology and neurology field to find best way of fixing the community that is notorious for its bad player behavior. Some key points from the article: - Player profiling of players with bad behaviors are observed to be "rippled" from a single person. In a game like LoL with 10 players, things can escalate out of control really quickly. -Engaging players about their behavior, instead of outright punishing them for it, was tested, because researchers firmly believed that players are not naturally and "innately" bad people. -This resulted in Tribunal System in which the community would vote upon the acceptability of a particular person's behavior, having them write down aspects of behaviors acceptable and unnaceptable. -105 million total votes were voluntarily casted by the community (article doesn't mention the timeframe) with 280,000 reformed players that were assessed by the community ceasing their bad behavior. Conclusion: engagement, not punishment, was the key to reducing the level of toxic behavior in LoL community.
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Throughout my tenure playing LoL, the worst experience actually happened in Korea, and the Tribunal system was not implemented and may not be implemented now, afaik. But I was laned with an aggressive Vayne who kept diving beyond the minions to try to get champion kills. I was playing as Poppy, and everyone knows she hobbles at an extremely slow pace. Nevertheless, he died everytime he took off and blamed it on me. Other players started criticizing me, and no matter how strongly I stated my case, they unanimously agreed to report me. That was the same day I quit
@blackmage I am a complete noob when it comes to DOTA-like games, so it wasn't very hard for me to quit after something like 4~ games when players started throwing unwarranted insults without giving any helpful tips. what's your experience like with the LoL community?
I remember when they Implemented this. I was really excited about it. Unfortunately, like all justice systems, there cannot be 100% reform. Or I just have bad luck with PUGs......
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