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It's OTP time guys!!!!
If you know me then you'd know I'm a huge GrayLu fan! I mean they're just so perfect together... I'm not sure how but in my opinion their powers just compliment each other. I love it!
Although I don't like them as much...but I also ship Roka (RoguexKagura)!
@OtakuDemon10 Preach to all the ship killers (which I guess includes me...) out there lol
@JohnMcCullough To each their own! I can't deny that GrayLu still has potential even now; NaLu just has me more convinced. Due to recent events, Gruvia has recently won me over as well. But that's just me! You do you!
Oh Gray and Ultear lol. forgot about that. those are the only three I actually like, support I guess
Oh Gajevy. I'm all for that
lol I'm into GrayLu somewhat. I'm still on the fence about who I want Lucy to be with. All I know for sure is I really ship Nerza, and anything else is open for me lol
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