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good* 《《《||||||||》》》 Link http://www.vingle.net/posts/1508904?shsrc=v LEEEEEETTTTT GOOOOOOOOOO. ENJOYYYYYYY~~~ so here's how it goes. This game is about me who enrolls into a new school in Korea. I thought that i could have a regular teenage life, or so I thought. Until I met those 7 boys.
1. As I enter my classroom, the first guy I see is him
2. I introduce myself to the class, and as I do, I catch this guy staring at me
3. The teacher assigns my seat next to him ~ I kindly greet him as I sit down in my chair~
4. This guy "accidentally" throws the pencil on the floor, which happens to land right next to my desk ~As he crawls to get his pencil, we both make eye contact. He smiles warmly afterwards and Rush(es) back to his seat~
5.This guy, who sits next to me, falls asleep during class ~I try to wake him up, buy fail. The teacher catches the both of us and misunderstood the situation as he thought we were playing around. He assigns both of us cleaning duty after school~
6. After class #4 ended, this guy said, "Great Wonho you got the new girl in trouble back in class 1
7. While I walk to the cafeteria, I bump into this guy, which causes I to fall on my butt ~ He apologizes as he kept running forward, leaving me on the floor~
8. As I'm about to stand up, this guy offers his hand to help me up ~I thank him while he helps me clean off. He asks me questions about my life as he cleans my small wound. We both get along he walks me back to lunch. I thank him again for his kind gesture~
9. When I get my lunch and sit down at a small table, this guy asks if I want to share lunches ~I said yes because I felt shy~
10. While we exchange food, this guy interupts by sitting next to us ~"Aish what do you want IM?" Kihyun Says as he gives him an annoyed look. "I just came to tell you that the guy's are waiting for you by the court. And who might she be?" He says as he eyes you down. "She's my friend, now move along! I'll be there in a minute." The guy leaves the two of you at the table. "sorry Leanne, but my friends are waiting for me! See you later!"~
11. When I finish my lunch and walk to the benches near the courtyard, this guy almost hits me with a basketball ~"I'm sorry! Are you hurt or scratched anywhere?" I reassure him that I'm fine, telling him that he should finish his basketball game with his friends~ ~Sitting down on the small bench, I realize that my necklace is missing. I begin to panic n since it was a family heirloom. I Rush off into school building to search for my lost necklace~
Hahah I got my second bias the most oh my god 😭
@SerenityThao yup he is. My first bias is Wonho
@LeannePratt that drew me in too and hero got me into them I couldn't stop looking at kihyun that time and that was also the time I was looking for new Kpop groups
@SerenityThao I totally agree with you there personality is what really drew me in to the group more than anything
@LeannePratt that's one of the reasons I like kihyun that and his cute personality and I don't know why I like Hyungwon but I do like them all because they are a really good and crazy group
Hahah @SerenityThao don't get me wrong I love all of the idiots haha. And most days I'm like I can't choose any of them it depends on my mood. And Kihyuns voice is my favorite among the members.
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