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Hey everybody! Day 4 of the FTG is upon us, and today's prompt asks us to highlight our favorite characters from Edolas! This was a really good arc and for those who haven't seen it, well your missing out and this is spoiler city lol. It was beyond entertaining to see all these different counterparts to all the characters we know and love, highlighting weaknesses and making them strengths and vice versa. Narrowing it down to only one was a bit of a challenge. Most of the participants beat me to getting there cards up and had some really great selections. I like to be original and highlight choices that are often underrated and more unpopular than the majority fan favorites. I don't try to let that override my actual honest to God choices of favorites and whom I select to highlight but it does influence it to a degree. I enjoy seeing others cards and who they pick and I like to pick choices that others dont. Call me OCD or a stickler for originality but it's partly true. If yall read my bio, it's something I mention there, I'm a lover of original content both in others and myself. However that doesn't mean I don't like popular choices any less! So what I'm going to do for this prompt is highlight my choice for favorite Edo character, tell you a bit about her and why I like her, and then give you my honorable mentions. To be quite honest I enjoyed most if not all the Edolas characters, and so "favorite" certainly doesn't imply best or better! Without further ado, my selection is:
Coco! (No last name) She's officially the Assistant Chief of Staff in the Edolas royal staff. That actually makes her the third highest ranking member of Faust's cabinet, behind him and Byro. She's mostly a message courier, due to her fleet footedness. She's also tender and coy, submissive to the King and always willing to follow orders. That is until she realizes the Faust's lust for power and what he was willing to do for magical power for Edolas, which started with him disregarding Panther Lily's life. She was very close to Lily, their friendship is what made her disobey the King and help the Earth Land wizards. She also became quickly bonded to Lucy, and when Lucy stood up for her, it touched her so deeply it was the sweetest thing. And oh my god, when Faust attacked her, was going to take away the one thing she loved to do more than anything, running, I cried. Poor thing, but she kept running, to deny the King the chance to kill Lily and all the Exceeds. She has a pure heart, and despite being in bad situations, she always believes in what she's doing and fights for that belief. Her earth land counterpart was the same way, misguided but still, pure of heart and willing to disobey orders for the power of friendship. Shes so sweet. I love her, she's adorable, her looks are kind of like a puppy with her cute nose and big Brown eyes. This wasn't an easy pick but she came to mind almost immediately and so shes got my vote.
Honorable Mentions! All these characters are awesome and deserve some mention!
Edo Levy and team Shadow Gear Levy is just a bad ass little firecracker with mechanic skills to rival the manliest of men! Lol. She is tough and argumentative and ready to throw down anytime!! And with the two bad ass MF'S Jet and Droy are in Edolas you better. not. fuck. with. her. Those scars Jet and Droy have just make them look hardcore.
Edo Juvia Loxar She's just one cool and collected lady, she's alot like earthland Gray like that. Annoyed easy, quick to whip some Edo Gray's ass when he's to clingy and just a snappy as hell dresser. Cool cosplay of her at the end.
Edo Wendy A bad ass grown version of our favorite Sky Dragon Slayer! she's still got Little Wendy's sweetness and protective nature but with the maturity(mental and *ahem* physical) of the woman I imagine Wendy will grow into!
Lucy Ashley and Edolas Gajeel Lucy Ashley was just a bad ass and gorgeous love her tattoo and Edo Gajeel was really cool, and instabuddies with Redfox was awesome!
There yall have it! My faves from Edolas!
Nice! Coco is totally adorable!
I was seriously thinking about doing Coco too!! You beat me to the punch! Nice man!
I didn't even think about Coco. Nice card and good choices on the characters