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Introduction: Everyone left the building except for Jungkook and Taehyung who in this case are stuck in a janitor's closet. Oh Taehyung is a neko!
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~Chapter 2~
Get your holy water your gonna need it!!
Taehyung was a moaning mess. Both having sweat all over there body making them seen as if they were soaked in the rain. Jungkook thirsted balls deep in him. Now have found his sweet spot. Jungkook kept hitting it repeatedly groaning from the way taehyung was clutching him. He hissed feeling the neko's nails dig in his bag but kept hitting his spot not caring if he has scratches on his back. Taehyung held on to jungkook moaning in his ear with each thrust. Mewling like the cat he is. He licked and nibbled on jungkook's neck marking him. They both could feel themselves both at their peak. As the thrusting became more sloppy and kissing were just with tongues. One last thrust and that's all it took to send taehyung arching his back shooting out his release that fell on both of their chest and making his clench on jungkook's dick making him see stars and let out his release in taehyung's ass filling him up both moaning out eachothers name. They both leaned on the wall catching their breathes . jungkook took out his dick with a groan and a moan from taehyung. They cleaned up for themselves and put their clothes well half way too tired from their activity. They completely forgot they were both locked in a janitors closet when they heard keys and the door opening.
Jungkook was first to get up well a bit wobbly but looked at the person who had opened the door. And to there surprise it was there friend namjoon and jimin with a smirk on their faces. "So had fun?" namjoon asking. While taehyung and jungkook gave them a glare but too tired to start something they slowly went out of the janitor's closet.
Jungkook requesting to just go to his house to rest which taehyung agreed . Even though jungkook was tired he picked up taehyung and walked to his house. Till that day they are both happy toghether and amazed what being stuck in a closet can do.
There you have it folks!!!!!!!!! The end of the story!!!! Hope you enjoyed it!
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They came out of the closet πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
I loved it I was so excited for the chapters...I had to read them in school
I was like slowly dying each chapter lol but loved it lol❀
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that was so good!!! I had my data off for an hour and come back to this being over!!! well thank you from an amazing story
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