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Smut Cursing Rated M Fluff Angst


Reader X Jimin requested by @sarahdarwish I hope you like it hehe.
You pov. He has the most biggest ego I've ever seen; He's arrogant, stuck up and the biggest narcissists I've ever laid eyes on. what makes it worse is that I'm force to work for him. God must be punishing me for lying to my 1st grade teacher, by telling her the frog jumped out of its tank on its own, when clearly I let it out, I was young sue me. why must his parents be the owners of the world most biggest clothing franchise. How did I even get hired by them, when I clearly don't even remember filling out an application... But I guess fate works it's magic for a reason, right. Narrator pov. It's been 3 month since you started working at the clothing company and it's been the most confusing job you've ever had. That because one mintue they ask you to be a model for some clothing and accessories, then next thing you know, your getting yelled at for breathing near the clothing. its like onemintue their happy the next their so piss off their burning red. whats even more annoying is your bosses son who in charge of the squad your in, is targeting you. but its not that you hate Jimin, it's just he so confusing. you see, one day he nice to you and helps you out as much as possible, then next day or couple of minutes later, He out to get you. He either pailing you up with so much papaerwork or tells you to redo all of it just for the fuck of it. it's come to the point were, you don't know if he either hates you or likes you or maybe even both. either way you've gotten tired of his games already. today was the day you put your foot down and call it a quits. But what you come to discover was quite the surprise. "(Y/N) Good morning!" Jimin greets you with a warm welcoming smile. "uh... yeeh... Hi" you greet him back bowing in respect. "Aish! don't bow that make me feel uncomfortable" Jimin waves his hands in front of him. you seem confused, last week Jimin told you to bow every time you greet him for respect since he's older and has a higher title then you. you shrugged you shoulder and just nod as you punched in to work. you grab your pile of paperwork and walked to your desk, Jimin following right behind you. you stop and turn to him, the paper work blocking your sight. "need help?" Jimin offered. "Why are you being so nice to me so suddenly it's annoying" you said, Jimin seen surprised by your response. "would you prefer if I treated you coldly instead (Y/N)" Jimin said with a sweet tone of voice. you rolled your eyes and marched away to your desk, you murmured to yourself about Jimin weird behavior, you've become frustrated of his mood swings. you couldn't take it anymore, one mintue he makes your heart skip a beat the next he shatters it into million of pieces. your not some toy he could just play with whenever he bored. you have feeling your not a robot you hurt too like everyone else. you sighed heavily. "Why does he make me feel like i'm high up in the clouds just so he won't be there to catch me when I'm falling?" you whispered under your breathe "(Y/N) tie your shoe before you-" "Ah!!" you trip dropping all the paper everywhere. you look at your shoe and notice your laces weren't tied up. you grunted as you laced them up. "I told you didn't I?" Jin grin joyfully. he look like a angel that fell from the sky or heaven gates. you never thought in your right mind you'd meet a man more beautiful then a female. you felt ashamed to even be called a woman with a beautiful look man next to you. you smiled nervously as your face turn red as a tomato. Jin chuckled, he notice how much you blushed whenever he talks to you, he found it cute. "here let me help you, okay." Jin said as he started collecting the papers that flew out of your hands. you both started collectiong each sheet, when suddenly you both reached for the same paper; you pulled away quickly. how did that just happen it's so cliche, that type of stuff only happens in dramas and romantic Disney movies. you smiled as you gripped your hand tightly. "Yah! I'm not paying you to flirt (Y/N)." Jimin scolded you, you hang your head in disappointment. you saw this coming you knew that sweet of him wouldn't last and this moment of romance that filled the air between you and Jin was going to be ruin by none other than Jimin. "wow... hmm, I guess that side of him is out today." Jin uttered, while still pick up the sheet of papers from the floor. "What do you mean? what side?" you asked urgently. Jin got closer to you, your faces just 2 inches away from each other, you could breathe in his breath. "Jimin is quite extraordinary (Y/N), he isn't like the rest of us." said Jin, you moved back a bit from jin face, you seem lost. "What do you mean Jin explain yourself" you shouted quietly. Jin looked around, making sure nobody else was around to hear or if Jimin was anywhere near by. he pauses takes a deep breath in and let's it out slowly. he signal you to come close, closer, closer you pause. Jin lean in close to your ear and whispers. "Jimin has two personality, There Jimin then there ChimChim. Chimchim is these Cheerful happy persona, as for Jimin he strict and hot headed he only thinks of himself and believes he better than anybody else." Jin explained, you looked at him like if he was speaking some other type of language. you burst out laughing covering your mouth and gripping onto your stomach. that was priceless it was the most funniest story you ever heard. Jin looked at you seriously. he wasn't kidding. "You're serious" you said. "He as serious as a goat" You hear Jimin voice from behind you. you jumped back up to your feet, bowing and greeting Jimin with a weak smile. when you turn to look at Jin, he was already gone. he must have already sneaked out. "that bastard" you mumble. "come to my office... Now!" Jimin demand. you hanged your head and dragged your feets as you headed to Jimin office. you walked into Jimin dark office. you tried to look to see if you could find Jimin but the room was pitch black it was hard to see anything. the only light there is was the light from outside the door. suddenly the door slam shut, you jumped and flinched as you felt someone arms around you from behind. you feel someone warm breath against your neck. their hands began to slide upwards towards your breast. you let out a soft moan, as they massaged them. their warm hot breathe against your neck sent shivers down your back. "(Y/N)... I know you hate me, I know it's because of the way I treated you lately" Jimin whisper into your ear. "But it's because I can't let others know that your my favorite" Jimin said as he press his pelvic against your ass. "Don't play with me" you grunt as you rubbed your ass against him, feeling his rock hard member. "but you like it when I do, don't you?" Jimin purred soothingly, it gave you goosebump. "You like the way I play with your body (Y/ N) right? the way I know all your sensitive spot, and all of your favorite areaso you love to be touched at. " Jimin slide his hands down your pants rubbing your clit. "mmm, (Y/N) can I make love to you like the next before, can I enter your body and make you mine all over again...God I wanna fuck you so bad " Jimin hissed. your body trembled as he flicked your clit and his member rubbing up against made you really wet, that your dripped. "Mhmm Jimin..." your hummmed as you got into the mood. You turn around and lock your lips with his. Jimin pulled in by your waist make your pelvic press against his. you rake your fingers into his hair grab a fist full. "Fuck me Jimin, fuck me on your desk. Make a mess of me on the cold hard floor and take me on your leather couch." your growled. Jimin breathed became hollow, both your body filled with heat as your face turn red. you both wanted to feel each other body. Jimin rushed you and press you against his desk, knocking everything down. You grab him by his jacket, ripping it off of him. you kiss his neck roughly leaving dark red marks. Jimin yank off your Jean. He look like he was in a rush. Jimin pulled down his pants and box's as he rubbed the tip of the head against your clit. your hicked as your body quivered. "God your so wet." Jimin shuttered. "Hurry Jimin we don't have much time" you begged him as you thrust your hips desperately. Jimin press your legs together and bended them forward, knees press against your chest. Jimin, Slowly press his members inside of you. You squirm as it felt quiet painful yet wonderful. "your ready (Y/N)" Jimin smirked. such devilish eyes he had when he said those words. You nod your head as you shut your eyes, closing tightly. Jimin slowly pulls his member back out leaving only the head inside. you took a deep breath when suddenly Jimin stuff his member in, forcefully. Jimin release his hold of one of your legs as he lift the other leg over his shoulder as   he shoved his member with in you. Jimin grind his pelvic causing his member to move like a joystick inside of you. You rolled your hips to make a more sensible sensation. you digged your nails into his desk. "YES FUCK MMMM" Jimin cover your mouth, you muffled a moan as it was becoming hard for you to hold them back. the feeling of his thick members rubbing up inside of you was such a pleasuring feeling. your body flinched and shiver. it quivered and trembled as he pulled it out and shoved them back in. you could hear the wetness as he pushed it in. a nasty squishy sound but it felt so much better. "UH UH HA OH GOD UH MMM JIMIN I CAN'T I'M GONNA UH OH GOD!" you growled as you felt your body squirt out suck sticky juice. it felt like the world was spin and time had stop, like fireworks where being shoot out into the sky. you never felt your body this weak on your life. Jimin stood you up as he pushed your down to your knees. He shoved his member in your mouth whole, you could feel him deep inside your throat. you bobbed your head to the motion of his hips. "uh mmm this feels so good" Jimin moans softly "Fuck your so good." Jimin arched forward. you pulled him closer taking his member in deeper. "Wait no (Y/N) I'm going to uh" Jimin stutters as he let it out. you cough up his white slimy juice spitting them onto your hands as you jerked Jimin off a bit more. Jimin toss his head back as his body quivered uncontrollable. his cum looked like lotion by the time you had finished. you both finally got dressed and fitted, but your knees buckled and trembled. They've become weak. Jimin kiss your cheek by surprised. "You promises you'll love me for me?" Jimin said softly. "I'll love each part of you even when your mean to me" you kissed him back. "Should I fall for you (Y /N)?" "should I fall in love with you Jimin?" Jimin pulls you in close and kisses you like you've never been kiss before. firework and electricity fired up inside of your body. it was the most amazing kiss you have ever felt.


"awe he so cute" your co work commented. "he has his daddy's eyes" "and his mommy nose" your friend gather around you, they missed you since you've stop working at the clothing company for about 8 months now. "Aish. (Y/N) where have you been!" Jin greeted lifting up and spinning you. "Yah put me down." You chuckled. "can I see him please" Jin pleaded "no! jin" Jimin hollered from across the room. "wae!? I have to see!" Jin whine pouting cutely. "YES you can Jin don't listen to Jimin" you chuckled. "Hey I have a right too" Jimin complains Jin quickly runs towards a crowded of female works. "and why is that?" you smirked. "Because..." Jin pushed aside everyone and gasped as he carried a Cute small adorable baby boy. "I am the father" Jimin remarks as he wraps his arms around you. you grin and blushed. "YES you are" you kissed Jimin on the cheek as you watched Jin spazz over your baby.
The end!!!! Sorry if this story is long lol I had a lot I guess lol. i don't know if it long to you guys but it seems long to me lol anyway enjoy! TAGLIST TIME!!! Thank you All for your support. Where My Homies At!  (♡///♡). My Sista!♡ @Stephany123  Taglist: The Homies hehe.! @ESwee @CallMeMsDragon  @Helixx @AbbyRamey @KAddict  @Jinislife @XergaB20 @Kiyofugi @KaisPrincess @AmberRelynn @EniorehFrancois @tinafalcon22 @merryjayne13 @LysetteMartinez @OliviaEdwards @KaeliShearer @TaehyungKey @MichelleIbarra @sarahdarwish @PrincessUnicorn @MrsJungHoseok @UnnieCakesAli @reyestiny93 @KaitlynHewitt @Astrohelix @gyapittman @LisetteZapata @DestinaByrd  @EmmaJolie @LemonLassie @marisamusic @Sailynn @luna1171 @StefaniTre @SarahVanDorn @EmilyPeacock @janessaakemi @HelenaCrawford @LinnyOk @clstap1 @Starbell808 @MaritessSison @MaggieHolm  @AliciaJaneth@ILikeHisFace123  @parktaemi @PatriciaS @Jinnyrod3 @kpopandkimchi @funnelcakeboo @lilbr0wneyes @maricruzmeza12 @tiffany1922 @aiisson @michievip @carrillojuana @ElishaFisher @MykelHobbs @IsoldaPazo @MomoChamie @JeniseRamos @CheyenneJessee @AmberFranco @lilbr0wneyes @nightshade18 @BridgetJara @Msrayray95 @HerosBells @KarolinaTrevino @Kiyofugi @EmilyCayetano @GodessLuna @Dabaesaplayer @ParkHwaYoung @MarrickeJ33 @resavalencia @JazminePerry @DanaMichelle @AgentVengeance @Sammie99522 @amberg171997 @LizzyRubyCiss @LexiMintkgtopty @bettytolliver @summerblack2  @orchiofriend549 @ammagrande @NaimaJeune @unnieARMkeY @VIPFreak2NE1 @AbbyRoscoe  @SummerWhipple @FridaOsorio @jjrockstar @Maribelita @MaeLyn @ChaErica @HayleyEastman @AlexisRiver @resavalencia  @leelee12 @KristinaCaron @SaraHanna @MelissaGarza @KpopQueenaBee @Izzy987 @Queen18Ember @leelee12 @tiffany1922 @MariaMontoya1  @sukkyongwanser @KpopMom @Jaysbae13 @pharmgirlerin @KoreanDramaMaMa @PatriciaS @RedChord @SugaOnTop @mrsjeon @MahelySandoval  @MsLoyalHeart @VixenViVi @ParkHwaYoung @SindyHernandez @KristinaCaron @deemonster100  @ChubbyDumpling @BetseyBleau  Thunder Squad! @jessicaacosta90 @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB  @JaiiPanda @Dianabell @Isolate @sarabear1021 @Lexxcisco @ScarletMermaid @narutobandgeek @Nadinerzz @NasiaWright @Cutebabylay @Helixx @isabellaelliott If you wish to be removed (TTATT) or Add (^///^) to the homie tag list, please comment 'tag me' or 'remove me' thank you! sorry if I have you tag twice, Also if I forgot to tag you, just let me know. enjoy ~(n_n~) ~(n_n)~ (~n_n)~
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