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Hello Everyone! The Moderator makes her appearance! First I would like to apologize for not making these guidelines of the community sooner. I have had rough weeks and such. Anyways! I'm going to be a bit more active. Well moving on! First I would like to introduce my squad of community supporters!
@Insfired Title; Insfired I know I can count on this girl for anything I need! She's the maknae of the group, so please take care of her! ^-^
@Emealia Title; The Feels Bringer She writes one of the best stories I've ever read! She's a really good friend and if you need anything, you can always go to her!
@PrincessUnicorn Title; FanFic Fanactic This girl is just great haha! Not to mention she has great taste in men. c;
@VeronicaArtino Title; PenManShip Her stories are great along with her poems! She's also a great person. c:
@Saradarwish Title; Fluffy Suga I really like the name! Its great! She's also a good friend, just be careful when telling her your bias. (She'll conjure up an angsty story ;-; )
If you have any questions or concerns of the community then you can message one or the other! Some of us would be willing to help you with writing a story (Just a suggestion). There will be a tag list made for only the moderators to use in case if we come up with some sort of prompt challenge. If you want to be tagged then, let us know!

Rules & Guidelines!

1). Everything posted must be relevant to the community.

If I or one of the supporters find a card that doesn't belong, we will notify that person along with removing the card from the community.

2). Warnings

On every story or chapter that has any maturity level contents relating to: Language, rape, Smut, violence, self inflicted harm, death etc. there must be a warning. If there isn't, you will be notified the first time.

3). Smut

(1) Yes, us fangirls have our moments of... intense feeling but let's keep it at a minimum when it comes to this. Also, I suggest for one to make a separate tag list when it comes to these type of stories that way those that don't want to be tagged, aren't tagged. (2) Extreme Smut is banned from the fanfic. As in when it goes into full detail. There are minors here and some will read even after all given warnings. (3) Also, if one is posting Smut, keep it in the fan fiction community. It is banned from the kpop community (if one decides to post it there).

4). Credit

If you're posting a story/ chapter that wasn't written by you, give the owner credit. Why? Because then it would count as plagiarism.

5). No fighting

This rarely happens, but it still does. Fighting will more than likely get both participants out of the community.

Breaking Of Rules

Breaking any of these rules have their consequences. First time, will consist of a warning/ notification. Second time, will consist of a warning and the removing of the card. Third time, ones card will be removed, along with them being kicked out of the community.
I'm a really easy going person, and these rules are really easy to follow! Thank you for reading these! Even if they're a few weeks late!