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ok idk if you gys heard but B2ST's huesang ( sorry if i cant spell his name) left B2ST to become a solo artist when i heard this it was sad i mean B2ST would be weird without him he has an amazing voice! but either way imma support him still *oppa hwaitting!* anyways i just had to say that and now to the main topic CUBE has made a new boy group since BTOB and B2ST had debuted it consist of 10 members i was freaking out when the video came out i was like omg! their are japanese korean and chinese boys in this group this time im so excited! i cant wait at all they seem amazing and i hope they are i cant wait to fan girl over new boy groups again haha are you ready?? comment below and tell me what you think about this
I'm just watching and waiting
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@JaxomB ik how u feel
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