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I sit there about to stop him but I was to late. he pressed His lips against mine but all I could think was that they we're soft, his kiss was passionate and gentle. I was pulled in and grabbed his hair to deepened the kiss ,his tongue traced my bottom lip wanting access. I let his tongue enter and was so entranced I forgot seungri, pulling away to breathe I realize what we've done "we just..... we just.... kissed!! " "yea and? " "what do you mean and, your my best friend?! " "i know but it seemed as if you we're enjoying yourself (Y/N)" I could feel myself turn red but it got worse "awww your blushing that's so cute!! I must have been good huh haha" *damn he was, God I want more why am I feeling this way towards him? you know what yolo* Im pulled back to reality as I see Daesung get ready to leave. I get up walk quickly towards him as he is moving towards the door I grabb his shoulder and turned him around and slammed him against the door. He was shocked "(Y/N) what are you-" " shhh no more talk please" looking at his button up shirt you get the idea and start to unbutton it to reveal his smooth toned chest. unconsciously you bite your lip. "aw now your shy?? " you watched him turn red in the cheeks. you place your mouth near his ear and whisper seductively "I want you oppa make me yours" when you pull back you see his eyes are dark with lust. "(Y/N) are you sure you know what your getting into there's no turning back you know." you can tell he is holding back.
"yes I'm sure" and with that you feel him smash his lips against yours in an attempt to consume every aspect of you, "I wanna make you mine, I wanna make you scream my name (Y/N)" you shivered at those words. he picks you up and carries you to your bedroom gently laying you down. standing back he takes a good long look at you waiting for him, craving him, he climbs on top of you. starts to kiss your neck leaving tingly sensations from where his lips used to be, slowly he pulls your shirt up and....
*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* "(Y/N)!!!!!! OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE!!! said a familiar voice "fuck" you say as you place your hands on your eyes with a sigh. you see daesung looking embarrassed and scrambles off of you saying " I'm sorry (Y/N) I... I... need to go um do you have a back door? cause I don't think who ever is behind that door will be happy to see me " you sit up,nod and sigh " go down the hall and take a left "(Y/N) COME ON NOW! OPEN THE DOOR NOW!! I KNOW YOUR IN THERE" "I'm gonna go Ok?? I'll text you and you gotta tell me everything beautiful " and with that daesung disappears and leaves.
you get up and put a robe on making your hair look presentable while you walk to the door. you open to see seungri * damn he looks terrible!! * "(Y/N)..... I'm sorry Ok i tried texting you I didn't mean to do that to yo..." he looks up and his eyes narrow and you can tell his guilty ness is gone and replaced by anger as he grabs your face to examine it "What the fuck why are your lips swollen?! *shit sticks * is... is that Cologne? *maybe* who the fuck is here huh?!!!!" pushing past you into your house with you right behind him yelling "What the fuck?! you come here to apologize then storm into MY house and just look around!! why don't you go to that whore and fuck her if your so pissed!!! you ass I bet you do her better because you will never satisf-!!!" he turns around and slaps you knocking you to the floor leaving you shocked as you rub your cheek. "DON'T YOU EVER EVER SAY THAT I COULDN'T SATISFY YOU ARE IS WORTHLESS!! YOU MIGHT AS WELL FUCK ANY GUY I BET YOU WOULD HAVE TO PAY THEM AND PUT A FUCKING PAPER BAG OVER YOUR HEAD!!!" he yelled as he stood over you * shit good job (Y/N) you managed to piss him off even more *. his words got to you, he has never laid a hand on you but it ignites your fire. you get up holding back the tears, removing your hand to reveal a perfect hand shape on your cheek. "get out of my house and dont you ever come here to talk to me again or any of my friends. we are over okay... im sorry im worthless and that i wasnt good enough for you now please leave so that i can ponder my exsistance and ponder why i ever loved you. " you couldn't hold yourself together anymore you sob and collapse to your knees. with your head buried between your knees you would hear his foot steps approaching and stop in front of you. you look up to see the eyes you've now grown to hate filled with nothing it was like he had no soul. "(Y/N)....
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why the cliffhanger tho why 😒😒😭😭😭 I still love it but I need more please