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I just watched Aftermath with Kim Dong Joon. I was like who is that? so did a search like a stalker and found out He's from kpop group ze:a. I check the video and another song cover they did. they are very talented. I'll need to look more into them.
I don't know who they are but the mv was really good that girl though she made me so mad but other then that the beat of the song was hot and the dance was amazing the boys looked really handsome and beautiful anyways how dare she kidnap them and tie them together and that necklaces was so pretty was there a key in that necklaces to untie themselves? where was the mv filmed at? do they speak any english at all please someone help me so I can get to know them better it's my first time knowing about them please don't hate me
they are from zea,kpop group..zea j is the sub unit.they debuted in2010.and they are more famous in reality show.