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Among the iconic features of the Superman costume is the wearing of red underwear over the blue tights. Ever wonder why? According to the director of the Man of Steel, Zack Snyder, the original creators of Superman, Siegel and Schuster, modeled the character after "Victorian strongmen, or circus strongmen. They wore their underwear on the outside of their pants because in the Victorian era, no skin could be shown. So when they first started doing circus strongmen, they would wear tights, and then they would put underwear over the top [of them] to give the illusion of nudity." See the guy on the left in picture #2? Yeah, his costume inspired Superman's tights....
@oj1992 He just smashes...sometimes. I'm sure he wouldn't smash you. ... ... ... I don't think. XD
@YinofYang hey tks for the recommendation on Incredible Hulk. Yes he wld make a good partner wz his green color. But he has anger management issues. Surely I dont want to be flattened by him on our first date ! : )))
@minjaeturtles ...wait?! Hahahahaha! No, no. I want his butler, just because he's an awesome butler. Who wouldn't want Alfred as a friend? Although I do adore Michael Caine. He's such a fantastic actor. Yep, you heard that right. @oj1992 is a three-eyed, green alien who likes to cause mayhem on Vingle wherever she is. :P
@oj1992 and you're green?!
@oj1992 @YinofYang haha you ladies have an..interesting taste in your choice of men :P
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