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A week passes and you finally receive a short email from Chad.
"Hi honey. Sorry, it’s been super busy here at work. Looks like you and Lee are having a great time. We are losing accounts and picking up others making it difficult for me to even make it home some nights. The neighbor is helping out with your plants so don’t worry that I’ll kill them. Don’t have too much fun without me. Chad."
You just sort of sit and stare at the computer screen. Has everything always been about him to where you were always just sort of there? You know he loves you but sometimes you have to wonder when you come in second place to everything. You close your laptop and decide you need shopping therapy. You look up shopping malls and find two within a short distance of each other. You pounce on a still sleeping Lee;
“UP! We need to go shopping!”
“Therapy – I need shopping therapy, get your butt out of bed.”
She rolls over and ignores you. You shrug and decide if she isn’t up by the time you’re out of the shower you will resort to meaner measures. You still hear nothing as you finish drying your hair. You poke your head out the bathroom door and can hear her snores. You fill a glass with water and head in to wake her up. You get your fingertips wet and then put her hand in the glass of water. You proceed to run your wet fingers down her face and into her ear.
“There you are. Shopping, I NEED to go shopping. There are two malls; Dongdaemun Shijang and Doosan Tower are you coming with me or sleeping the day away?”
“What bug crawled up your butt this morning?”
“Never you mind. Are you coming? Of course you are; I’ll order breakfast while you’re showering.”
The two of you hit the malls like your credit cards are on fire. In a way yours are, nothing works quite so well as spending money you currently don’t have. You know it’s only a quick fix but after a week of hearing nothing from Chad then to only get that pathetic email; and being told your beautiful only to have texts stop the next day. You give up, men aren’t worth the emotion.
With all your bags, the two of decide to get a taxi back to the hotel. A note is waiting for you at the front desk again. Instead of being an actual note from [HN] it is an invitation to a dinner the following night for you and Lee. Not only does it look official, it sounds like a black tie event.
“Do we even have anything to wear to that?”
“I’m just going to text him and say thanks but no thanks.”
“No wait.”
She dumps all the shopping bags out on the bed and goes rummaging through.
“I swear we bought some dresses that would work. Yep, here!”
She holds up a couple of outfits, “What do you think? Good enough to get by?”
“We don’t have to go, I’ll just text him.”
“Why would you want to do that? How often do normal people get to attend a charity event like this, let alone tourists?”
“Fine? We can go?”
“Yes. I’ll text him that we will be there.”
You shake your head at her and open a new text message.
YOU: [HN] thank you for the invitation. Lee and I would love to come.
[HN]: I’m glad you received the invitation, very happy that you will join us.
YOU: What exactly is this event?
[HN]: A charity that my group supports. The two of you will sit at our table.
YOU: Is there anything we need to bring?
[HN]: Just yourselves. It will be good to see you.
YOU: This will sound silly but if I send you a picture, would you tell me if the clothes are appropriate?
[HN]: Whatever you wear will be fine.
A couple of minutes pass before you receive the next text.
[HN]: Are you over your funk?
YOU: Was, it tried to come back today.
[HN]: Tried?
YOU: I did some retail therapy. How we will have something to wear.
[HN]: Lol, nice. I look forward to seeing you in your new clothes than.
Well this is awkward. It feels as though you have nothing to say. You want to ask why he hasn’t talked to you in a week but that isn’t any of your business. This friendship was initiated by him. Being that it is so new, you feel as though you have no right to demand attention, that you should just feel lucky that he is talking to you.
[HN]: I’ve missed chatting with you this week.
YOU: I assumed you either weren’t bored or were with your girlfriend. Not a worry.
[HN]: Actually, none of the above. I wasn’t sure what to do for your funk that would not be taken as more than a friend. I realized the event would be a good out for you and your friend.
YOU: That’s very nice of you. Thank you for thinking of us. We will get to meet your girlfriend?
[HN]: Yes, she will be there with me.
YOU: She was okay with you inviting us?
[HN]: Yes. She considers you a noona and not a threat.
YOU: Threat? Why would she consider me a threat, noona or not?
[HN]: I would if I were a female.
YOU: That makes no sense to me. I have a lot of guy friends, I am a threat to no one.
[HN]: You, are the most dangerous kind of threat.
Oohhh...hmmm....threat huh?! hehe!😏 Can't wait to see what kind of threat I'll be😈
OMG OMG I SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING!! ...well we all sorta already know... BUT OMFG I CAN SEE WHATS GONNA HAPPEN 😍😍😍😍
I'm a triple threat, watch out!!
Quick side note: I love how you have a different guy on each card for this story. This one makes me especially happy since it's my husband. Though I adore all my K-Pop boys, T.O.P is special. *sigh*
Dannngggg 😍
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