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We have both, the Justice League and the Avengers that deal out plenty of damage when they are saving the world. In the Avengers we have The Hulk smashing, Iron Man with rockets and don't even get into Thor.
Each and every member of the a Justice League has a damage tag. Superman and Wonder Woman might have the heavier of the tags but I believe I can safely say each member here at least destroyed a city block our two.

So Vingle community loves, Which team do you believe cost their Universe the most money in a day of crime fighting?

the mighty morphin power rangers
aaaaaaah I would say avengers but at the same time superman did alot of damage too with zod! and yay your back @LAVONYORK ^_^
The Avengers. They had 2 movies to do it in. And they have a Hulk.
I mean a 20 foot tall robot fighting other equally large robots..it's bout to get messy
@YourConscience you're so right