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Mark came flying out of the elevator as soon as the doors opened. As expected Hawk was waiting on the other side pacing the hallway her door wide open. She had looked up when the doors opened but did not move towards it when he came out.
“Are you okay. Did you see anything?”
“I was taking a nap because no one wanted to play with me then all of a sudden I heard a shot. I was so afraid the only thing I could think to do was to go find you.” He pulled her into his chest holding her tightly. Poor thing must have been so scared.
“I’m fine but things aren’t good now. The other leaders are being evacuated and Namjoon is heading towards the warehouse. It’s officially war now.” He knew that he should have went with Namjoon to the warehouse so he could protect their leader but he could not leave her here alone. She was like his little sister since they grew up together. This was going to make it very hard to protect her.
This was a complete and total shit show now. Everyone was in the cars on their way back to their districts and from the words exchanged before they departed Jay new that the war had officially begun. He just had to figure out who exactly was the shooter and have them fess up to who’s side they were on. He was sure they were from the Red Dragons, those blood thirsty bastards.
He could not wait to get back to his place so he could take his blood splattered clothes off. He very much so did not like having the chief of police’s blood all over him. It was going to be hell getting all that brain matter out of the textured wallpaper. Namjoon had called a cornier to pick up the body and the other officers who had come with him already had an alibi for why the chief was even there in the first place. This all got swept under the rug to nicely.
As soon as he stepped out of the car Zico let out a huge yell. He was so excited and being covered in blood was a plus. He would have preferred to take that pigs head off himself but it got him what he wanted. Sure he was a blood crazed man but the chief was into some messed up shit. Drug trafficking was alright they all did that but him.
That disgusting man was a part of a human trafficking circle that sent men as well as women to other countries to be sold. Karma sure was a bitch and now he could get back at Jay properly for all the bullshit he had to endure. The phoenix were not free from his hands but for now he would focus on the lions and taking their area for his own. The city would burn by his hands and he would be laughing the whole way as the flames took him to hell.
lol @SugaOnTop it's ok it does work and makes for a good story!
@SugaOnTop lol!😂
@KellyOConnor I don't know why I can't make him normal in my stories. I feel so bad but it just works.
(o_oll but who was the sniper...over so confused (@_ll gonna go to my pineapple now byez \(oll \(ll
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