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   Dedicated to my friend Sam. I hope you, the reader, can also enjoy this story. ~ It hasn't being very long since Sam has talked to him. As a matter of fact she has being feeling depressed recently, no eating, no focusing on class, neither talking to her friends. It's not like they have being dating, or anything,  but the thought of being close to someone of the opposite sex made her heart flutter. Walking around the hall way, with no direction whatever so, Sam found herself bump into someone unexpected. Namjoon, a senior.      He was well know around the school for his talents and good looks. And Sam wonder when will she be able to enjoy a nice date with a nice guy like him. Their eyes intertwined and even if there was a small connection, Sam keept walking. Not noticing the small smile Namjoon had on his face. Just like always, after school she went to practice, it seemed as if the only thing from going crazy was her music. And she kept on going, never taking the time of knowing the boy who quietly listened to her play music and they way she out her heart into it. Sam got out of practice later than expected, wanting to go outside and take a small walk around the school. She notice Namjoon, inside a classroom, weirdly he was sleeping. Out of curiosity she went out to check on him to see if he was alright. As she got closer she notice he was whispering something. "Sam...like...music"        She heard it clearly and couldn't believe. Namjoon was in love with her music and with her too. _____    Impossible... There was no way     Sam kept on walking leaving the boy of her dreams past by, her heart was racing. Was he dreaming about me? No way, may be he was thinking about someone else...     Those thoughts made her go crazy, she didn't notice the footsteps going near hear. She felt a hand on her shoulder that made her bounce on horror. She turned around to find another guy who have her pain in the head. "You scared me to death Yoongi!!!" - Sam yelled not caring that she wasn't far away from the classroom Namjoon was sleeping in. "Your face was priceless!!!"- he said smiling. That smile made any girls' heart flutter... including sam's.  However she dismissed the feeling. "Anyways what are you doing here?" - Sam asked. "I was looking for Namjoon, have you seen him?"- Yoongi asked worried. "No, no I haven't..." -Sam really didn't want to recall the past moment. "Ah, this guy, he needs to be more careful... he has being more distracted since he began liking this girl.."- Yoongi said and Sam began to feel curious. "Oh really? Who is she? " "I don't know, and he won't tell the gang either, he just says that she is beautiful and that is very talented with music and other stuff... he was being "watching her to make sure she is safe" because she stays afterschool to practice, but we all know he is just stalking her..." "Oh i see..." "Yeah, just don't tell him that I wold you abiut this becau-" "Why did I tell you not to tell?"    And there he was... he apperead behind sam and Yoonji, Kim Namjoon. "Oh sorry?"- Yoongi said and he had an apologetic look. "Its too late now, is it?" -Namjoon looked at you with a saf expression. " I am sorry you had to find out this way..." "What do you mean?" - Sam asked "That you found out that I like you-" "YOUT MUSIC, THAT HE LIKES YOUR MUSIC !!!" - Yoongi interrupted and you couldn’t expect much. Of course that the only reason why he was saying Sam's name was because of her music. Sam heart quietly broke as she was expecting something else. "Oh thank you" -She said, and all of them began to walk the hallways of school. It went quiet for a second until Namjoon broke the silence. "So where are we going?" -He asked "I am going home, my dad is waiting for me at the entrance" -Sam said looking up front. "I will just chill for a bit at the basketball court,wanna come namjoon ? "- Yoongi asked. "Yeah sure" "Well then guys, I will see you later"- and with that Sam disappear, excited to tell her friend about what happened today. ----      The only two people left in the court was Yoonji and Namjoon ,both already tired, drinking up the last bit of water left. "When wherw you planning on telling me?"- Yoongi asked looking at Namjoon. "About what?" "Don't act stupid, you know I have always liked her..." " I am sorry..."- Namjoon looked down at the floor, feeling guilty " I know you can't control your heart but... how did it happen ?" -Yoongi asked a little hurt. "...I don't know it just happened..." End of ch.1 A/N: Hello my fellow readers! This is just a quick story I am making for my friend :@namjooniesbae ,she is new here so please show her alot of love! tagging amazing people (if you dont want to be tagged anymore please let me know ~♡) @yaya12 @mariadelzam @MelissaGarza @clstap1 @MomoChamie @ParkMinRin13 @MsLoyalHeart @Reyestiny93 @FalseLove @OliviaZenger @VIPFreak2NE1 @QueenLee @Cassierchiqua @Kpossible4250 @Eliortiz13 @SusiBosshammer @megancurrent9 @KaeliShearer @SarahVanDorn @jessicaheung97 @Ashey052498 @sarahdarwish @VeronicaArtino @ChelestiEdwards @Orihemay @EniorehFrancois @alycabrera18 @JayDay @KaitlyHewitt @GossamoKewen95 @SamanthaRamdath @SindyHernandez @FalseLove @KassieXiong @SugaMint @Helixx @MaritessSison @BridgetJara @ESwee @ammagrande @LizbethOrtega     
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