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Game Dev Story is a simulation video game by Kairosoft for iOS and Android. The game follows a player-controlled video game company and its attempts to expand into a sales powerhouse over time, following a parallel timeline of the video game industry and its history. The player takes control of a start-up video game developer, with the goal of making hit titles and consoles in order to make money. The user controls a number of factors which can help or hinder the quality of the games released, including hiring staff, controlling the direction and speed of development, and using items which give boosts for workers or change their jobs. As the player progresses and earns more money, their building is improved upon and they are allowed to hire more staff, and thus create better games. It's a very simple yet extremely fun game and you have assured laughs playing through when you see all the content the developers made as a parody of the video game history. You can find the game on the following links: Game Dev Story (iPhone) $3.99 http://is.gd/7pTBHF Game Dev Story (Android) $2.50 http://is.gd/XbeSTd