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Hey again! We're back with another installment for the {FTG} Today's question was Who's your favorite character from the Edolas world!? Check it out below!
Wendy! Why!? Because she's Wendy!! In both worlds she is so damn adorably cute! However in the Edolas world she is filled out a bit more! One world she's the cutest damn loli ever! And in the other she is a smoking hot babe with a lot to offer!!!! I love her no matter which world it is! Why just have one Wendy when you could have two of her!?!? Here are a few honorable mentions!
The super adorable Coco! She is just so damn cute and funny, she makes me laugh so much. And she never stops running! Talk about stamina!!!!
Mirajane! Of all the characters she is the only one who is pretty much the same in both worlds! lol She a babe in both too!
The King of Edolas and Mystogans father! King Faust! I picked him cause I'm pretty sure he is the counterpart of Master Makarov, we get to see a dark side of him we never knew we could see.
Happy!! Yes, Happy! One thing we must remember...all exceeds are from Edolas. Happy may have been born in Earthland but he is originally from Edolas!
There are so many more characters I wanted to put down such as Mystogan, Erza and many others but I'll just leave it at this! Mods: @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @Thatperson512 @AimeBolanos Peeps: @InVinsybll @SAMURXAI @otakudemon @jessicaferrier @reinshirai @JohnMcCullough
@JessicaFerrier You are right on the money! I love them both! You know what they say, "The more the merrier!"
@assasingod ya I'm not complaining either. Wendy is pretty hot if you ask me. Then regular Wendy is cute
dang, puberty hit Edolas Wendy hard
@JessicaFerrier why yes! yes it did! And I for one will not complain!