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Back at home we have a closet full of handbags. Ten of them is owned by my mom, six of them is owned by my sisters, and I have two. We keep them all in the same place to avoid clutter. I never understand why we have so many handbags but my mom's biggest obsessions are purses and shoes. Every time we go shopping those are the things she will always browse at. Over time I realized she likes to mix and match different accessories with her outfit. While I only need two bags to match all my entire wardrobe.

My collection:

Marc Fisher black tote
This was my favorite one but it was sabotaged by a big soy sauce stain and it couldn't be fixed.
Black crossbody purse
This was was a gift from my mom before I entered college and still in mint condition! Unfortunately, it's at home so I don't really use. Michael Kors burgundy messenger bag
This is my newest addition and also a gift from my mom. I haven't used it yet but I will this weekend.
At the moment, my go-to purse is my clutch wallet and I normally use it on the weekends. During the weekdays I carry my backpack to work.
So, do you have a one or multiple handbags?
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I think 20
Oh the Michael kors one is pretty!!! I love the color!!! Oh now I want a bag that color too!! Sweet gift! I have a system!!! I have a few at home but I mostly take my juicy couture black bag to work and everywhere else! It's my current love.
@MyAffairWith Thank you! I didn't know juicy couture sale handbags. I alway assumed it was a lounge wear shop.
12, was at 32, but as Xmas gifts to needy woman with children at a transitional home, I blessed each with a designer bag from my collection. of course I blessed myself with new ones. I love Nicole Lee, MK, AND MGM units.
@cindystran I have one from kohls and I was surprised too because I thought the same you ^_^