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Sorry this is going to be a short chapter but I hope you enjoy it. ______________________________________ Ch.4 Title: In The Night Sunlee pov. It was 12:13am and I was turning off the tv until I got a call from Sehun oppa. Yeoboseyo? Sehun oppa why did you call me? Hello my dear little sister(he said with an evil smile) What do you want now? Nothing I just wanted to tell you I love you( evil smile) Yeah right you said my dear little sister. Now tell me what you want! Okay fine! I told mom that I'll be coming home tomorrow but my manger said we have to wait until 2 weeks. Can you tell mom what I said to you. Sure. Yeah. Btw why are you awake? Because i couldn't sleep. I was about to but you called me! Oops sorry. Well i gotta go now take care alright. Okay bye oppa! Who was that? I looked over at jimin and he was sitting with his back facing the headboard. Oh jimin it was my brother. Sehun. You might know him as EXO maknae sehun. Oh okay. WAIT HE'S YOUR BROTHER! Yeah why? Oh nothing Okay then lets go to sleep. Okay. Me and Jimin got under the cover and slowly begin to fall asleep. Jimin pov. It was 3:12am and I had woken up to the sound of thunder and lighting. I looked at sunlee and she looked so beautiful. I heard a knock on the door. I looked out the window and saw Kiyong. I went to open thee door and Kiyong was crying. What are you doing here Kiyong-ah? I wanted to see you oppa. Why? Go home. It's late out. No! Oppa I want to see you You see me now go. No! Sunlee pov. I woke up and saw that jimin wasn't their. But i heard jimin at the door with a girl. But wait is it that girl that was standing outside the other day? But anyways i seen jimin trying to tell that girl to go back home so I pretended to act like I just now seen him and be sleepy. Jimin oppa who is this girl I said in a sleepy tone. I don't know jimin said in a surprise tone. Oppa you know who I am? Stop lying. I know you still love me. I'm sorry kiyong-ah but I don't love you anymore you gotta move on. As soon as jimin finished his sentence the girl kiyong ran and started crying. I heard her mumble this is not over. Soon jimin shut the door and locked it. I soon went to the couch and sat down. Sunlee-ah what are you doing it's 3:54am we should go back to sleep. No I'm fine I'll just sit here for a bit. Are you sure? Yeah. Okay I better see you in the bed asleep when I wake up. I will. I stayed up thinking about this kiyong girl. I asked myself questions like. What does she want from jimin? Why is she always bothering jimin? Do she know who I am? But anyways i soon found myself dozing off and falling asleep. JImin Pov. I was laying in bed waiting for Sunlee to come to bed.  Soon an 23 minutes pass and she didn't return. I finally went out to the living room and saw her asleep on the couch. I pick her up and put her on the bed. I finally was able to sleep and cuddle with her even though she didn't know.