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In the midst of the investigation on celebrity soldiers, it has been revealed that Rain will be discharged as planned on July 10. A Ministry of Defense rep stated, "Sergeant Jung is currently being reviewed as having committed no problematic acts that specific day. Sergeant Jung will be discharged as planned on the 10th." Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense's investigation on the celebrity recruits, which was supposed to be completed on July 5, will take longer than expected with no new specified date as of yet. So it seems we'll be seeing more of Rain, who recently signed with Cube Entertainment for his upcoming music activities, soon enough with his upcoming discharge taking place next week. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/07/rain-to-be-discharged-from-the-military-as-scheduled-on-july-10
@princebastisam, if my memory serves right it is a mandatory to all Men in Korea not only to Korean actor.
why korean actor needs to go military service? is it required for each actor?
that's awesome! he is back in mainstream again..
wow !!!!welcome my dear !!!:))
wow !!!!welcome my dear !!!:))