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Short hair is great and fabulous. I've had short hair for almost two years now and I don't regret chopping it off. The only thing I struggle with is when the weather is humid and I want my entire hair up but can't do much more than a simple ponytail. I was considering to grow it back this summer but I think I'm am changing my mind after I found these hairstyles. They have so much texture and looks great on short hair.
Style 1: Mini dutch half up
Style 2: 50% cornrows, 50% pigtails. 100% cute!
Style 3: 4 french braid ponytail. I think this would be great for workout.
Style 4: Texture ponytail. Great for work!
Style 5: Minimalist ponytail.
Style 6: Looks like a bouffant ponytail.
Style 7: 4 pinup buns.
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How cute! Love love these styles. I wish i had these when I had short hair!