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What on EARTH is 뿌잉뿌잉!?

You can't escape the power of 뿌잉뿌잉 as a kpop fan.

Idols are forced to do it constantly, and now its just a normal daily occurrence.


뿌잉뿌잉 - bbuing bbuing...

It's just a cute action with your hands that makes you cute, often used to get yourself out of bad situations or to make someone give you what you want.

Have you used this on anyone before?!

Tagging my 귀척하지마 people!
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a year ago·Reply
I do this to my boyfriend to make him do what I want x'D it works sometimes xD hahaha
a year ago·Reply
I do it all the always
a year ago·Reply
I've used it on my sister, but my payback has been that now both of my children use it on me.... 😊
a year ago·Reply
Kai looks adorable doing it, and Leo. Especially Leo 😂😂😂 I haven't used it on anyone yet, but once I get a boyfriend I'll definitely use it 😆😆
a year ago·Reply