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hello hello hello everyone! skool is back,in session and these boys are ready to steal your hearts!! I hope everyone enjoys part 7. it's been a while but I'm back to writing after a major case of writers block! as always this story is based on my screenshot results from a game created by @princessunicorn if you would like to play the link is below http://www.vingle.net/posts/1343710?shsrc=v if you haven't read parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 the links are below (or if you just need to refresh your memory.) part1: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1385518?shsrc=v part2: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1387292?shsrc=v part3: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1389603?shsrc=v part4: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1393635?shsrc=v part5: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1399468?shsrc=v part6: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1459807?shsrc=v
The grip on my arm was too tight. I placed a hand on his and tugged trying to get him to stop for a minute, but he wouldn't. if I didn't get him to release my arm soon it was going to leave a bruise. finally I spoke up. "v!! what's wrong?" my words must have reached him because he suddenly came to a halt. he slowly turned to look at me, his eyes following his own hand on my arm. quickly he dropped it seeing just how tight his grip was. his eyes darted back and forth from me to the ground. he hesitated before answering. "nothing's wrong." he mumbled. "we're just running late for class...that's all." I didn't believe a word of it. he turned to keep walking as i tried to reach out to him. instead all I succeeded succeeded in doing was smacking his books from his other hand. "v! I'm so sorry!! I didn't mean to do that!" I apologized as I stooped down to start picking them up. "it's ok! you don't have to do that!" he shouted as he rushed to grab them before I did but, it was too late. I had already seen it. there on his notebook was my name, scribbled in different scripts. he quickly yanked it from my hands as he sighed in frustration. "Tae..." I began only to be cut off his lips on mine. it was a quick kiss but it was enough to make me speechless. "I like you!" he blurted out. "I know we just started to talk today but I've been watching you for weeks now and I can't help it." he took a breath and raked his fingers through his hair. it seemed like the deeper his confession went the more flustered he got. "when we sat together and you smiled at me it only made me like you more. I knew yoongi hyung, Jin hyung, and jungkook liked you....I could tell but watching jungkook confess...well I lost it." he looked at me waiting for a response but I had completely zoned out. Yoongi and jungkook had just confessed, but Jin too?! First the glass coincidence and now hearing another member tell me he liked me? i was still missing some pieces but things were starting to make sense now. Taehyung asked me something but I just nodded in response. "that's a relief" he said putting on his signature grin and leading me to class. this was the second time I agreed to something today but had no clue as to what it was. as nervous as it made me there were just somethings I had to talk to jin about. I sat in my usual corner, but this time I wasn't disturbed by anyone. jungkook placed my books on my desk, smiled nervously, then went to sit with another member. I had forgotten them on the floor earlier. I ran my hand across my book. I kept picturing jin's hands from earlier and the glass shard that fell from my book. how much had there been for his hands to be covered in bandages? why did he do it? did he like me? I looked around the room for him, but he was nowhere in sight. he didn't show up to any of the classes after lunch.
*v* It was like my body wasn't mine anymore. I hadn't Even realized that I was dragging her through the halls until she called my name. I looked back at her and saw pain in her eyes. I felt horrible when I realized I was the source of the pain. my grip on her was way too tight. I dropped her arm immediately and tried to play everything off as just being late for class...but I wasn't fooling her. my next bright idea was to try and walk away. I know she didn't do it on purpose. she was only trying to reach out to me, but instead she hit my books sending them flying around the hallway floor. I tried to reach them before she did but it was too late. she had seen it. I had found myself doodling her name all over my notebook all day but, I never intended for her to see it. "Tae...I" she started but I couldn't let her finish. I had to tell her how I felt before she could reject me. my lips crashed quickly on to hers to stop her from talking. it wasn't romantic or sweet. it was rushed and messy but, now she was quiet. I began to pour everything out. no secrets. she already knew the others liked her but she needed to know that I liked her to. I wanted a fair shot! "so can we just go back to acting how we were earlier? the more you get to know me I'm sure you'll like me too! I just want a chance...." I looked into her eyes. they were empty but she nodded in response. at least she agreed. "great! that's a relief" I said smiling before taking her hand and leading her to class. I wanted to sound confident but I was far from it as she shuffled to her normal corner and sat down looking around the room almost as if she was searching for something she lost. I decided to leave her alone for now and sit somewhere else. all of these confessions in one day must have been a lot. I watched as jungkook came in and placed her book on the desk before deciding to leave her alone also. as I scanned the room also I met eyes with yoongi hyung.....from the look on his face he must have heard me confess. the bell rang as the teacher came in and began to take attendance. it wasn't until he called jin's name that I noticed he wasn't here.
*yoongi* my confidence definitely dropped as I turned the corner to see Tae confessing to her.....I wasn't the only one anymore. I mean I knew Jungkook liked her. we all lived in the same house...we knew each other pretty well but, I had been the only one to confess. now all I could do was sit here as Tae confessed. Tae had that personality that draws you in. I was going to have to compete with him being her partner for weeks?! he was going to have her all to himself! he had to have planned this. I ran a frustrated hand threw my hair as I tried to shrug it off. why does liking someone have to be so complicated. my mind was turning, planning, but the rest of me just felt. frustrated and tired. if he thinks I'm just letting this go like normal, he was sadly mistaken.
*Jin* I stayed....I dont know why I stayed to listen when every word jungkook said hurt, but I couldn't move. that is until i saw Tae take her hand and take her away. if I was correct and I normally am....he likes her too.....did every member like her?! I had fallen for her at first sight but being the oldest and the "mother figure" that I was, was I going to have to let her go for their sake? couldn't I get the girl? just this once? my head started to hurt...so much so that I couldn't see....at least I thought that was the reason, until the tears started to run down my face. I made my way to the janitors office. I couldn't watch anymore confessions today. I felt like I couldn't breathe. I sat at the desk, not even bothering to turn the light on. I preferred the dark right now. it served as a filter for my thoughts. as long as I couldn't see, I wouldn't think. my mind became a blank slate. I must have sat there for hours and hours because the next thing I knew I felt my phone Buzz in my pocket. I took it out noting school was already over. it was a text from Tae.
*present* I looked but didn't see jin the rest of the day. I never noticed how much I actually looked at him until he wasn't there to look at. all throughout class I would look up only to be disappointed by an empty seat. as the bell rang to end school Taehyung slipped me a note before grinning and running off to join the mass exodus of idols from the school. I opened it curiously "Don't forget about tonight!!!" the note was written in big bold letters. "tonight?" i questioned "what's tonight?" but i was only talking to myself. everyone had already left. I shrugged and continued to procrastinate while I planned how to get out of here without saesangs. I ended up "volunteering " to help the teachers clean the class room until about 4. I rushed home, exhausted from today....what I needed was my favorite fuzzy pajama pants, a bowl of ice cream, and a massive drama marathon. I deserved it after today's emotional roller coaster. oh and definitely a pizza. I quickly called my favorite pizza place and gave my usual order. within 30 min my doorbell rang. i raced to the door face mask on and all and swung open the door.....there stood Jin! I quickly slammed the door. what was he doing at my apartment?! I shook my head.... I missed him so much I was hallucinating. hallucinating. I opened the door again and there he still stood... "what are you doing here??" my question sounded a bit harsher than I had meant it to but he never noticed. he was too busy trying to hold in his laughter. "I guess you're not ready?" he asked letting a giggle slip....."I just loved his laugh" I thought before mentally scolding myself for getting side tracked. "ready?" I asked. "Tae asked me to pick you up for dinner at the dorm." he said giggling again. "oh...um ....well when did he..." memories of me agreeing to something during lunch revisited my mind. "let me get my keys" I mumbled. "I have no problem with it. you look adorable , but are you sure you want to come like that?" jin said smiling. I felt my face drain of color before turning bright red....i,was standing here, looking like a complete train wreck. I quickly ushered him in. "ummm could you give me like 10...no 5 minutes " I said as I ran into my room and slammed the door. how embarrassing! I definitely couldn't bring myself to ask about the glass right now.
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I'm squealing with excitement!! I thought you abandon this story I was sad 😢😢😢....but then you come in with this amazing chapter I can't wait for the new ones to come!
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