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The summer before I enter college I actually worked at a French fashion boutique for three months. In a short of amount of time I went from having no knowledge of fashion to learning how to coordinate and care for garments. I am still not an expert on fashion but I can tell apart fabrics and how to properly care for them. Fabric might take too long to explain so I will briefly share tips on how to make your clothes last longer!

1. You don't have to wash it after every wear.

Well, apart from you undergarments and socks you should wash only as needed. What I normally do after coming home from work or outside is air them out. I do this to all of my silk, wool, and denim. Cotton top varies because it absorb scent more easily. In that case, I would wash them.

2. Steam Clothes after airing them out.

This is the secret why clothes in store always look so tidy. Every time we get new arrivals we sort them out in the inventory room and select a few for display. For those that will be display or sold, we steam them to get rid of wrinkles. Here's another pro tip, it also release weird odors from the clothes. FYI, the smell of fresh wool is horrible.
So, don't waste your money for an iron and get a steamer instead.

3. Air dry when possible.

The dryer is convenient but it also ages your clothes faster. Think about it, after running heat through the fabric for 1+ hour it would of course break down the fabric over time. So, it makes sense the clothes can fade and shrink after a couple of washes. If you're in a rush you can quickly tumble dry on low setting for 10 minutes to release any wrinkles and lay them flat on the floor to dry fully. Tip: Opt for a gentle detergent.

4. Sweater stone is your knits best friend.

This was the most magical trick I learned while working. I remember when I used to pluck those fuzzy knits with my fingers because it makes my sweater looks old. This sweater stone is made for removing those fuzzy things. You just have to gently run them over your clothes and it catches all those annoying fuzz.

5. Nail polish your buttons.

This actually works! Run clear polish over buttons and it will keep the threads from falling apart.

6. Store your clothes properly.

Never hang a sweater because the shape will deform. Here's a quick guide: Hang: Dress shirts, jackets, dresses, and skirts Fold: Sweaters, pants and jeans.
@jazziejazz haha. they're probably thinking you're in a rush!
I totally air dry... I leave laundrymat with wet clothes. people look at like dang she not drying all that.
Great tricks as always. A steamer is always a good investment!
@TessStevens Thanks. It's probably one of the best investment in our home.