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I was dared to post a scene that I can relate to so here's my scene
Peters first high swing from the spiderman movie reminds me of how I was afraid of hights. I was actually higher than Peter and I was zip lining through the Las Vagas strip for my birthday. just like Peter I faced my fears and did it. I won't lie my heart felt like it stopped for a few seconds and the suprises picture didn't help at all but in the end I was able to concur my fears. @shannonl5 @LAVONYORK @Krystalstar22 @LadyLuna @BellofRay @ComicGeek @AshelyJewell @djdovbl3vp @Eculare @CalebOrr @Beannachtoraibh @MelissaGarza @DarrenRouton @JimTurpen @RyanOgg @Namrow @MichaelOgg @buddyesd @dominika @lescobedo @MyAffairWith @jibarito @YoSoysauce @Marichel @raenel @MarvleTrashcan @CandaceJordan @Mellyortiz @mexicanchika945 @BecauseFlowers @Chocomayne @OtakuDemon10 @Otakupopgirl @Ashcrimson @octoberHymns @selfishmachines @jazziejazz @DitigalJediX @Mikecro @tbanj96 @StevenFlick @arnelli @gatorchick96 @GossamoKewen95 @ChildOfSparda @InVinsybll
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I'm so impressed! Haha I probably wouldn't have been able to do it