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Here are some phrases to motivate and to cheer someone up. Also, I have 2 quick questions for all of you: 1) Would you all prefer that I publish each picture as a separate card or keep all the pictures in 1 card (since they are theme based)? I just want a better understanding of how you all like to interact and view the content I post. 2) Can you name the dramas/movie? Below are the Korean texts. Please feel free to utilize Google Translate to hear how they're pronounced :) Card 1 - 화이팅! Card 2 - 힘내 :) Card 3 - 포기 하지마! Card 4 - 걱정 하지마~~ Card 5 - 괜찮아 ^ ^
Thank you so much for your feedback! It really helped me a lot on deciding how to organize my content^^b.
LOVE, another great set of cards. I think together or separate is fine. I love them.
awww I miss Can you hear my heart Drama :)!
@Aero2042 hey tks
Miss my Prince!
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