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@cheerfulcallie I have no idea what formulations even are! sounds pretty exciting that you're in a lab thohgh. How long have you been dojng that?
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That is really exciting actually. Have you ever made any kind of cool chemical or substance????
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@cheerfulcallie I just saw pacific rim and I thought it was really bad! The acting was weak (except idris elba) what's your favorite movie?
4 years ago·Reply
@curtisb hope you didn't mind, I deleted my previous cmmts b/c they were a little too personal abt me. I usually don't share too much online... sooo fav movie, huh? Hmm, I have too many to name and I'm not very picky either but a movie I saw a few wks back was "Olympus has Fallen"...staring Gerald Butler and Morgan Freeman, it was okay lots of action. Im more into into dramas, scifi, suspense, and romantic comedies... I don't care too much for horrors, they give me nightmares.
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Oh cool, I actually really like horrors. I might go see olympus has fallen, should I?
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