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Alright, I had intentions to watch this show, but just expected it to be a cute, almost slice of life show of cute girls doing cute things. Oh, was I wrong. THIS SHOW IS GREAT!
I'm going to do a proper preview later, but I wanted to give you guys a heads up about something worth watching!!

Cute characters that are LIKABLE!

The characters are enjoyable. Seriously. And there are a fairly large number of them, so even if one doesn't strike your fancy, you'll probably find someone who does.

Fun action & plot to go with it!

The idea is basically that these girls are training at school to be ship captains, mechanics, etc etc so they can someday be part of the well known Blue Mermaid crew.
But.... They FIGHT! Like really fight! I wasn't expecting that. It kind of reminds me of the fighting in AKB0048, without all the singing and dancing. They're put into actually incredibly dangerous situations, and they fight back. Seriously cute girls fighting is so great. Think Kancolle.

Cuteness & seriousness, all at once!

There's a heavy plot going on, which you'll find out quickly. I don't want to spoil the happy feels of episode 1 and ruin this, but by episode 2 you will know what's going on (well, sort of), but things are still really cute. When the MC's best friend from childhood (their friendship is cute) gives a distress call to her, it's still somehow cute, even though you definitely feel how serious the situation is!

Check out Hairfuri....for real!!!

@assasingod same!!! she's so cute. and her family is interesting ;)
@hikaymm Munetani's room is too adorable with her stuffed shark! haha I can see myself watching the rest of this show!
@hikaymm I'm stoked for Season 2 of Kancolle I need my Daily dose of Mutsu, Nagato and the Kongou Sisters lol
@assasingod I was soooo into it!! I palnned on just watching one episode but ended up watching everything out so fa hahaha
So this is like another version of Arpeggio of Blue Steel or Kantai Collection lol I'm intrigued
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