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Horizon Vanished by Freek Lomme (EN) ...Stage and play: we all act against a background of floors, walls, streets, grounds, sky’s and so on. We may find ourselves surrounded with smaller and bigger artefacts. All and all, looking at this stage is anthropocentric: a perspective of people viewing on people enacting this stage. At the same time we’re confronted with our anthropocentric being on the level of being - the holistic level - as with our anthropocentric being on a day to day level of acting - the teleological level -. This sum portrays to ourselves our sublunary existence. As we perceive more detailed we encounter behavioural specifics of scene’s settings and cultural politics, within this sum. What seemed to be equal to an ant-farm unveils itself a pile of actors in diversity. Here, a vertical perspective on our being –possibly near the divine – is competing our day to day horizontal one; suddenly our horizon is a white out and we experience ourselves an innocent tabula rasa to the extend our imagination allows us to ignore our anthropocentric teleology...