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"The Cold War is Over"--Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany
In response, President Obama will meet with high ranking German security officials to discuss America's treatment of her European partners. A bug was recently found in Ecuador's London embassy, though as of today (July 4) its source is unclear. Of course, Julian Assange from wikileaks remains at the Embassy. I would like to hear about the reasons for this kind of monitoring. Any thoughts? Image: Guardian, AlJazeera
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I haven't read any articles on this topic yet but I'm not sure I understand though, how does the bug at the embassy in Ecuador affect Obama's foreign affairs?
These are potentially unrelated issues. One thing that edward snowden leaked was evidence that the US had been spying on Europeans. A bug of unknown origin was found where Assange was staying. I will look into the source now that its been a few days. But my linking the two was speculation.