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Let's jump right in!
Chicken macho- spicy bulgogi light Crisp and crunchy corn puff infused with spicy bulgogi powder. I absolutely love these they have the texture of a cheese doodle but are slightly sweet with a lot of spice so good sweet and salty is my fave combo
Milk caramel- rich caramel made with condensed milk. One of the oldest snacks in Korea. You can't miss with this it comes in a cute little box filled with small caramels that are every bit as rich as they say and creamy really can't go wrong with this
Moncher cacao- soft yet rich flavored cacao cake filled with cream. This was a bit disappointing it looks soo good but when you bite into it it's dry even the cream is dry. Tastes just like a chocolate doughnut from DD just really old it kind of has that wine smell old bread has.
Churroz- collaboration on the Latin world of Asia, sweet honey flavor with a hint of cinnamon for "spa-rean" flavor lol Love these they taste just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.
Sand ace lemon cream- zesty and refreshing lemon cream sandwiched between crispy biscuits. I'm not a lemon fan at all not in food. This is packed with lemon flavor the smell smacks you in the nose just opening the wrapper then you get an uppercut to the throat with all the lemon flavor. Not for me at all but I can see people love this.
Chestnut Monaca- rich flavored chestnut past sandwiched between light fluffy rice wafer. Again my broken record nut allergy prevented me from trying this. It's pretty so I stare a the Hunger games like mocking jay.
Chrysanthemum hub tea- spring is here calm yourself with chrysanthemum tea before bed. I haven't tried this yet but will update when I do.
Sac sac orange- sweet and refreshing mandarin orange juice with lots of pulp. I hate pulp I haven't drank this yet but it's orange juice right. Will update
Nongshim kimchi ramyun- spicy ramyun with kimchi favored powder. I'm always excited to get my ramyun it's always my favorite part of the box. I haven't eat this yet but will update with pictures when I do. Update: this is so good super spicy hands down my favorite ramyun so far. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and buy the ramyun box!
Choco tin tin- thin crispy chocolate glazed cookie that goes well with tea or coffee. Really good if you've had peprage farm cookies you will enjoy these they're like the brussles cookie just with one layer.
All in all some good stuff in this box. I do feel like this box gets emptier every month. The items are getting bigger but less is in the box. I think it's funny some items are made in America but have Japanese writing and sold in Korea lol. I do wish there were more savory items in this box a lot of sugar. It would be great if the sweet and savory items were even.
We got ours today! Love it!!!
i love snackfever! this was my second box and i really loved the bulgogi chips and the chocolate cookies and the chestnut thing was sooooo good. the wafer was bland but the paste was one of the best things ive ever had i think and very addicting
@darciaragon the sunflower seeds were so pretty I almost didn't want to eat them lol. But they went great mixed with the rice crackers.
@DanaNikole89 we just looked through the box but we haven't opened anything yet. Think it was last months box that I fell in love with the chocolate covered sunflower seeds
I never had one but I would love the Japanese one. the Korean snacks look good too though 馃槃
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