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Happy birthday Salvation Army, NLRA, Spam, Algeria, and Dolly (the sheep)! 1687 - Newton publishes "Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica", one of the most important scientific works in history. The apple that fell from the tree? Yeah, these books are what that led to (figuratively speaking). 1865 - Salvation Army is founded in London, England. 1935 - The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA, aka the Wagner Act) was signed into effect by FDR. This is considered the Magna Carta of American Workers, protecting workers' rights to organize. 1937 - SPAM (the deliciously unhealthy processed food, not annoying emails) was introduced by Hormel Foods Co. 1962 - Algeria becomes independent from France 1996 - Dolly the Sheep is the first cloned mammal from an adult animal cell
@curtisb my favorite variation of spam of course...
I just had ma ling luncheon meat yesterday. deliciously ... unhealthy. : ) They had a food scandal in 2009 so I guess it's safer to eat now. haha. There are so many varieties of SPAM. But even their low sodium is still terribly saltish! @curtisb It is also nice when you toast it.
@minjaeturtles @johnlee have you guys ever tried pan frying spam? so good...
SPAM! So good but so bad....