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It's that time of the year again.

Pedicured toes and open toe shoes. Ladies, we all know that it's forbidden to wear your toes out if they look like 'who done it'. Not everyone has the time and coins to get a pedicure biweekly, nor does everyone have the patience to paint their own toes and have them look halfway decent, but that's okay.
For all you ladies who want to rock the open toe shoes, but your toes aren't currently up to par, don't sweat it -- there's now a product on the market that will benefit the lazy girl in you. Introducing, pedicure stockings. As if we couldn't take it any further, this product has taken it far enough.
The Japanese trend features a pair of stockings that has each toe topped with a faux nail design imitating the idea that your toes are indeed on fleek. The realistic looking pair of stocking can be purchased [here] and will run you about $15 per pair. Much more affordable than going to get a pedicure.
While the idea is extremely clever, I much rather spend the extra ten to fifteen dollars and go get a pedicure. Unlike a manicure, you don't have to go as frequently to touch up your toes. The only downside to this product is that the site is in Japanese, find yourself someone who can read the language or suck it up and go get a pedicure.

What do you think about this innovative product?

Would you invest in a pair to rock when you're lazy?
It's weird lol. I dont like tights as it is, its too tight some places and too big ib others cause im short lol
@Animaniafreak I think for Asians it's not a weird practice lol. In Korea I've seen people wear tights with sandals during summer so they wouldn't get a tan. However, I never actually wore tights and sandal together because the lining from the feel is really unattractive so I thought this pedicure stocking is really clever for distracting the eyes to the toes instead of the linings.
The upside of following anime for many years is that you pick up the language unconsciously, I'm not fluent but I can pretty much read any Japanese website :D So you have to wear the stocking for this to work, isn't it kinda weird wearing stocking and sandals together?
where can I find me one
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